Fresh boyband wants to be a better person everyday


Aiming to be the most commercial boyband ever, Fresh has sponsorships from H & M, Nike, and Mashama for their debut MV.

Tired of the clearly adopted children of Korean-Chinese boybands that have been popping up all over the music scene?    The latest boyband from  the last person you would think is into boybands (aka Laure Shang) Fresh goes instead for a more European fee.    Their MV reminds me a lot of One Direction, and I kind of like how happy this song is compared to the dance route that most boyband debuts have gone.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Fresh boyband wants to be a better person everyday

  1. It definitely has a very different feel, (the MV reminds me of 1D’s MV to One Thing), and the rapping in French is something you don’t see in Asian boybands, which is awesome, although since it’s Laure Shang I can see why.

  2. HAHA omg wait. Do I see two ex-Super Boys in here?! It’s Ma Chen (I KNEW he was boyband material) and the rocker- looking dude who now has a more normal haircut ;D It feels different than kpop bands for sure, but reminds me of the American boy groups of the 90s for some reason…

  3. with all those investments and sponsors, they better do well….
    not feeling the song, but hopefully, they’ll grow as a group with time

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