Yang Mi welcomes the holidays with Vogue

Zhou Xun, Fan Bingbing – should we be adding someone else to our roster of apparent Chinese-immortals*? Only time will tell! Yang Mi recently gave birth to her daughter with Hawick Lau, but you’d never be able to tell from this photoshoot. I love the black and white picture from this shoot – but there’s definitely more red and blue under the cut, too. Asides from the upcoming Tiny Times 4, the actress will also be working with Huang Xiaoming for He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo 何以笙箫默, in which he plays a lawyer who’s been waiting for his first love from seven years prior (the first love being Yang Mi). She also has a cameo in Mermaid Tale.  Look below the cut for more pictures!

*She definitely doesn’t look the way she did as Guo Xiang or Wang Zhaojun, but then, Fan Bingbing doesn’t look the way she did as Da Ji. Or her first incarnation of Yang Guifei. Does anyone else feel like she’s sort of evoking the Fan Bingbing star feel now, though? 

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3 thoughts on “Yang Mi welcomes the holidays with Vogue

  1. Yang Mi and Fan Bing Bing are both pretty in their own ways! ^-^ I am so happy that Yang Mi’s career is taking off and that Fan Bing Bing’s own career is still going pretty strong!

    • Alternatively, magazines need to expand their standards of beauty and get make-up artists who don’t try to make everyone look the same… Because Yang Mi does not look like Fan Bingbing.

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