Trailer released for drama adaptation of Qin’s Moon

Tl;dr (you may need to have a basic grasp of the series in order to understand some of the trailer): Jing Tianming (Jiang Jinfu) is the son of the legendary assassin Jing Ke, who died in a failed attempt to kill Ying Zheng (our beloved First Emperor).The swordsman Ge Nie (Lu Yi) takes him under his wing, and along the way, they meet the future King of Chu Xiang Yu (Qin Junjie), a princess of former Yan (Hu Bingqing), and the talented doctor Duanmu Rong (Michelle Chen). Other members of the core cast include Sun Yizhou, Gina Chen, Qu Zheming, Zhang Lei, Gong Beibei, and You Jingru. 

Some of the wuxia scenes are a little awkward – Tangren’s CGI seems to have improved, but be warned, it’s not hard to do better than the lotuses you saw in Bu Bu JIng Xin. I can’t hold that against them though; the couple I’ve shipped for 5.5 years finally got together in this trailer, so…I’m looking forward to this one.

Also, the fifth season of the animated series is going to be released on December 25th.


5 thoughts on “Trailer released for drama adaptation of Qin’s Moon

  1. I’m super late on this but I wonder how this will differ from the anime (is that the correct term for chinese animation?). I feel like the anime lacked story development. Even Tian Ming hasn’t developed enough in season 5. Is there an air date yet?

    • This will differ from the anime a lot, lol. The kids will start off as teens-almost grown up, Chilian + Shi Lan are being combined into one character, and it seems like the plot will move forward (and time will pass).

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