Music Monday: ZGF

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

While we wait for all the ancient dramas to air in the upcoming month and year, here are some melodic Zhongguofeng songs from Jane Zhang, Huang Ling, Han Hong, and Ye Yiqan  to alleviate the pain:

Jane Zhang sings the beautiful theme “Wordless Epitaph 无字碑” for The Empress of China, written by Aarif Lee and penned by Fang Wenshang. The lyrics kind of makes me more concerned that this is going to feature a selfless Wu Zetian doing everything for the sake of a narrowly-defined version of love (because of course she’s doing everything for the glory of the Tang, that’s why she overthrew it and started her own dynasty).

Songstress Huang Ling sings another mesmerizing song, 风月. Google translated it as Temptress Moon, which I kind of like, so we’re going to stick with that translation.

Han Hong also lends her voice to a theme song, but for the musical based on the popular Pu Songling story of Xiaoqian.

Finally, Ye Yiqian joins the ZGF-crowed with her pretty new song 一撇落花.

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