Crazy for the Palace II: Love Conquers All releases trailer and theme song

… it’s like he’s trying for a “Twilight Zone” franchise… on crack…


Yu Zheng has released character stills, a trailer, and theme song to the second installment of his internet spin-off of his palace series.  Watch as Zhang Zhehan, Deng Sha, and Liu Xin take on fox demons, time travel, the Han dynasty, sorcery, and modern times.  Watch and be left scratching your head thinking “gee… I think I’ve seen that same scene in that one movie/drama…”  This series releases on December 15th on Tencent QQ’s video platform.

Link to theme song here.  More stills below the cut.

Didn’t like Bu Bu Jing Qing?

Come watch this crazy rendition of time travel to mend your broken dreams…


… or have them further crushed past the point of recognition…


… and for some reason, I have a fleeting suspicion that adding fox demons isn’t going to help…

… and no, Yu Zheng, having one actor go through multiple different characters in a series isn’t exactly what we had in mind when we were talking about an actor’s range…

But seriously, these posters really do remind me of Bu Bu Jing Qing’s

… but based in the Han dynasty…

Frozen is popular now? Yu Zheng will literally bring new meaning to the term “Frozen”…


… by freezing the heroine away in an ice block like a neanderthal


4 thoughts on “Crazy for the Palace II: Love Conquers All releases trailer and theme song

  1. Wow. Her name is Hu – HU Xiao LI. “Ahahahahahahahaha! That is SO SO FUNNY.”
    …Actually, my reaction throughout the entire trailer was to stare blankly – I had no idea what was going on. Which kind of makes me want to watch it?

    • Don’t fall for it!! He’s trying to distract you from the real drama unfolding of Qiong Yao vs. Yu Zheng.

  2. Totally did not recognize Liu XIn… She looks so much better here than in Cosmetology HIgh.

    Also, I thought Song Yang was Guo Jingfei in the opening of the trailer.

    • Haven’t finished Cosmetology High but from what I have seen, I really think Yu Zheng should stick to comedies for the time being… his definitions of “love” and “melodrama” are so out there that I feel the only thing left at this point that suits his exaggerated style is comedies… I mean some of his dramas start off sensibly and logically enough but you can always expect that unhinging of reality soon afterwards… DX

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