Yang Rong, Zhu Yilong “Love for Three Lifetimes”


In addition to being better looking, Zhu Yilong’s Young Master transitions from selfish jerk to a sweetheart, while Pubajia’s Outlaw Leader does the opposite.


If you’re short on dramas,  “Love of Three Lifetimes 情定三生” have surprisingly done really well for a small production with almost no promotions. A switcheroo akin to My Fair Princess, the Republican series has Yang Rong caught between two men, her betrothed young master Zhu Yilong and his outlaw enemy Pubajia,  who want her for themselves and a best friend (Zhang Meng) who is hiding a secret of her own.

Overall a fast-paced and melodramatic drama that should keep you interest, and Yang Rong is always adorable.  P.S. Yu Zheng has indicated interested in a future Zhu Yilong-Yang Rong collaboration.

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  1. guys… hope im not too late here . yeah now is 2017 but where can i watch this with englisg sub… help…been surfing all the long still couldnt find all episodes fully subbed in english

  2. So the head picture of YR and ZYL really drew me (is ZYL new on the acting screen?? I instantly Googled him afterward and he hasn’t actually been in too many things. Also, he is so much younger than I would have pegged him for; there’s a seven year difference between him and YR!) but I too, was also disappointed by their storyline. For one, he IS a major jerk to her at the beginning as his love was SO selfish but then I couldn’t help but think that he also deserved a chance. When he finally realized how his love was actually suffocating her, he turned into the sweetest person possible and then I was just angry that YR wouldn’t give him a chance.

    To be honest, the two actually don’t have that many “sweet” (or really cordial) scenes between them and it almost pained me how obvious his adoration of her was while she was just neutral slash cold. :(

    • And… I marathoned this sucker so fast that I’m having a drama shortage again. Any more recommendations??? :)

    • Spot on! ZYL is such eye candy!

      ZYL and YR are in a modern together, and he pines after her again…..Poor guy

    • Yay! I actually wasn’t going to post on this drama because it was so hard to find a HD MV or a good photo. The official photos all looked really boring and/or terrible, but then I saw this photo on Weibo. XD

  3. im guessing everyone is watching this drama…might as well bandwagon lol
    the most interesting part of this drama is probably the OTPs
    im ship like 4 OTPs… YRxZYL, YRxZM, ZYLxPurba, and ZMx her “cousin” lmao
    honestly it’s a pretty good drama, considering the fact that the most famous person in this was yangrong and the fact that it was filmed almost 2 years ago i think
    the drama is fast paced and the plethora of OTPs (fueled mostly by good acting) kept me interested

    • Hahaha….you basically shipped all the main characters together! However, I didn’t see YRxPurba! The writing for this series is far from perfection, but I agree, the acting of the actors/actresses were good.
      Watching through, I can’t believe ZM’s “cousin” loved her so much that’s he’s willing to do anything for her. I thought somehow he kinda liked the general’s concubine also?

      • yea her cousin was kind of love at first sight, i think the general’s concubine was into him but he’s not into her
        yea….YRxPruba…not really ….
        Pruba had the most chemistry with his fake dad
        the canons (based off onscreen chemistry) should have been: YRxZYL, ZMx her cousin, 卓尔X摩达, prubaXhis fake dad….

  4. I read this post yesterday, so I went and marathoned through the first 9 episodes, but stopped because it didn’t seem like Yang Rong’s character was ever going to give Zhu Yi Long’s character a chance. But I didn’t want to give up because everyone here was saying that how great the chemistry between YR and ZYL’s character was, and I wanted to see it for myself (and plus ZYL is reaaaaally good looking *fans self*) so I skipped to episode 18, 39, and finally 40. I was really disappointed!! Where are all the scenes of YR and ZYL?? YR just looks pouty and stone faced the entire time she interacts with ZYL. I never got into Purba’s character so I couldn’t ship him with YR.
    Any recs on which eps are the best to watch for YR and ZYL’s interactions?

    • I don’t remember the exact episode, but the couple of eps after she moves in with purba? I switched to camp Zhu Yilong when he would pick her up from medicine school everyday while Purba was complaining that she’s a woman and doesn’t need to go to school.

      • Thanks, I will go search through the episodes, haha!
        ZYL’s character is so loving, I feel like. Even when YR choses Purba over him, he’s still so committed to YR. I really look forward to Yu Zheng’s YR & ZYL’s collaboration hehehe…

        • The scenes of YR and ZYL’s weren’t romantic, the chemistry for me was the many scenes she was abusing him (physically)…LOL.

          • Yeah, it’s really not about them being lovey dovey or romantic. It’s how the intensity of the scenes just raised a notch whenever they interacted. Whether it involved suppressed and unrequited love, physical abuse, heartbreak or gratitude.

          • LOL yeah I figured out theres not that many romantic scenes of YR and ZYL… I guess I will have to look forward to whatever Yu Zheng makes, though I’m sure there will be plenty of angst…
            ZhuYilong has the most mesmerizing stare..

  5. OMG! Zhu Yilong and Yang Rong’s chemistry is off the chart! Their acting was superb for their roles! I can’t wait to watch their next series together. Though the plot doesn’t seem too interesting, but I have to see these two on my screen again.

    • Ditto! Their scenes were so intense. Looks like Zhu Yi Long will also be pining for Yang Rong in their next series. Oh well, at least we get to watch this combo of prettiness again.

  6. Considering watching this but not a fan of dramas where the girl goes back and forth between who she likes more…anyone willing to shed some light on whether this is the case for this drama?

    • It is not too bad in the sense that the girl chooses the male from the beginning and stays faithful to him. However, like all dramas, the girl is always in between the male lead and the second lead :3
      The way I feel it is it is very similar to The Outsiders (TW drama if you know this one). The girl suffers all drama, but still chose the male lead even if the second lead is the best choice for her.

    • I personally feel like she only liked one person throughout the series. She’s pretty persistent and doesn’t even give the other guy a chance. However, the audience almost all shifts from pro-Purba to pro-Zhu Yilong (or pro-Zhang Meng) half way throughout the series.

      • Thanks guys! Aww I wanted her with Zhu Yilong, guessing that she went with Purba. Ah well, still might watch it anyways, I’m a sucker for anything republican.

        • Hahaha…guess again. Give the series a try, if anything, Zhu Yilong is so pleasing to the eyes!!!LOL

          In all seriousness. Her heart never falter, but the most memorable scenes for me was with Zhu Yilong. Especially when she’s choking him…haha.

  7. omg. I didn’t even recognize Zhang Meng in this drama! (so impressed by this reality xD)
    I actually speed watched it. Yang Rong was amazing in this drama. A lot of scenes where full of tension, of love. I personally was shipping her with Purba’s character from the beginning and was disappointed to see how little he trust her and their relationship until the end. However, they are definitely playing a very convincing couple and the scenes where they aren’t fighting are so sweet!

    • First time stumbling upon someone who actually wanted her to end up with Purba’s character. She definitely had chemistry with both guys, but Zhu Yi Long delivered such a winning performance and, sadly, Purba’s character development went down the drain towards the end, although I really liked him at the beginning.

      • I was really rooting for him in the first part of the series because ZHu Yilong’s character was such a spoiled brat in the beginning, but then once Zhu Yilong was willing to give her back, Zhu Yilong’s character was so sweet and Purba’s character was horrible. TBH, by the end, it seemed like Zhang Meng’s character was the only one who really saw her as a person who she loved versus an object to be fought over.

        • I had a love-hate relationship with Zhang Meng’s character. I couldn’t figure her out. It was as if the writer couldn’t decide on whether to make her a villain or not. One minute she would care for the heroine, the next she would use horrible means to get rid of the heroine or hurt her. I sympathized with her towards the end though.
          The fact that Zhu Yi Long’s character grew to become so understanding and considerate towards the heroine, while Purba’s character was so unreasonably distrustful all the time kind of turned it into a no-brainer who to root for. I had a big problem with how Purba treated her. It is kind of insulting after everything she had to go through. It’s impressive how her love for him never wavered considering what a jerk he was.

          • Haha, maybe I am weak in front of a bad boy. Purba’s character was so well introduced at the beginning that I chose immediately to root for him. I love all the scenes where he took her hand and smiled at her so brightly. :D But definitely, not going to lie, by the second half of the serie, he became really hard to root for (although I am persisting in my choice xD)

            I felt that Yang Rong’s character started to become an object to lust for instead of an heroin to admire. ZYL and Purba’s character always have to fight for her, to save her life, etc. I enjoyed Zhang Meng’s character. Not completely evil and obviously cared about Yang Rong from time to time.

            • So you stay faithful in love too, huh? :P Kidding. First impressions are really important and they had some really cute and memorable scenes. Later, it seemed as if he had grown to become so bitter that every time they had some kind of misunderstanding involving ZYL, he looked at her with scorn as if he was mocking her. Anyway, I’m not trying to change your opinion or anything, kudos to you for sticking to your guy ;) I’m just really enjoying this here as the series doesn’t seem to be discussed elsewhere.

    • I personally like Purba’s relationship. You can’t blame the guy for feeling insecure.
      Put yourself in his situation she has a history with Zhu Zilong and it’s never ending. He would do anything for her time and time again.

  8. Yang Rong and Zhu Yi Long are absolute perfection in this series. Thanks for sharing and spreading the love for this ;)

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