Chen Qiao’en, Zheng Shuang switch places in “Destined to Love You”


Guess which three of these seven people fight over a “kiss” in the trailer? (hint: Chen Qiao’en is not one of the three)

Tonghua seems to have hit the sweet spot for goofy and fun romances once more with Destined to Love You 偏偏喜欢你, this time starring Chen Qiao’en she tries to put order into the unruly military class of Jia Nailiang, Bosco Wong, Li Zifeng, Zhang Yunlong, Gao Weiguang, Zheng Shuang, etc.

I feel weird about making romantic comedies about the Republican era, but it does look right up my alley.

9 thoughts on “Chen Qiao’en, Zheng Shuang switch places in “Destined to Love You”

  1. I’m not familiar with Jia Nailiang and what I see in trailer don’t make me feel any better towards him and there’s a sense of exaggeration in his acting. Why don’t they make Bosco the otp with Qiao En instead? He’s damn attractive in the trailer despite not appear much.

    Zhang Shuang, her face changes too much!

  2. The highlight of this is the ‘kissing’ scene between…LOL no Qiao En or Zheng Shuang not in this scene at all..haha. Bosco’s expressions in that scene were priceless!

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