Chen Xiao, Chen Xiang sing for Romance of the Condor Heroes


The Chen family may have taken over RoCH, but the Yang family has now added Zhao Liying and Michelle Chen to the growing list of family members like Liu Yifei, Liu Shishi, and Yang Mi

Who knew that Chen Xiao could sing so well? I think I’m starting to be touched by Chen Xiao’s undying love for fanboying Liu Xin, or maybe just his voice.   The Chen Xiao-Liu Xin duet, as well as more of the OST from Chen Xiang, Michelle Chen, and Zhang Jie, below. The series premiers Wednesday night on Hunan TV.

Chen Xiang’s song is pretty, too.  I’m getting more and more impressed with this guy the more I see him. Good voice, good looks, and good acting.  Plus, he writes many of his own songs!

Michelle Chen’s ending theme with Chen Xiao is probably my least favorite of the group. I feel like this show exemplifies the fact that this workshop is super old-schooled in terms of musical styles, and I wish Yu Zheng could start working with eeMedia instead.  On the positive side, watch this pretty trailer of Michelle Chen from Hunan TV.

Zhang Jie, whose last name is not Chen, sings the theme song. It’s a good song, but the lyrics makes me cringe. I wish Yu Zheng would stop writing his own lyrics because they all read like a monkey picking famous one-liners from poems at random.

10 thoughts on “Chen Xiao, Chen Xiang sing for Romance of the Condor Heroes

  1. Is this drama get a lot of flack from netizens even before it came out, or am I thinking of something else?

  2. So I watched the first episode. Zhang Xinyu is actually not as bad an actress as I remembered her. Her role is kind of cute (in a sadistic way). I wouldn’t have minded if this was just an entire series on Li Mochou.

    Also, what is with Yang Rong being a wolf girl … dislike.

  3. Wow. I vaguely remember the ending song for Female Prime Minister, but Chen XIao’s voice…is so deep (and -gorgeously sexy-) I think I like his song better than Zhang Jie’s, purely because of his super deep voice xD He looks really good as aged! Yang Guo (and Michelle Chen looks loads better when she doesn’t have the meat bun hairstyle), but the idea of watching Yu Zheng’s version of ROCH feels criminal…

    Also, has Zhang Jie turned into the to-go for popular/probably will be popular ancient-ish dramas? Ancient Sword, Cosmetology High, now this…

    • I know, right? It’s so different even from his other songs. Also, Liu Xin’s voice is super high here.
      I think all of those are from the same music workshop that I don’t particularly like…

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