Street Style Smorgasbord

Ou Hao and your friendly neighborhood manneqin in DSQUARED2

Street-style photoshoots from new movie stars Ou Hao, Huang Xuan, Yang Mi’s crew of Dilireba et al., Zhang Yimou’s new actress Zhang Huiwen, newly divorced Zhang Xinyi, and a flashback to the cuteness that is Cindy.

They forgot to say where Huang Xuan’s bow is from!

Maybe if you put on some pants, you wouldn’t need that jacket up there.

Dear Canadians, what street is this?.

Dilireba in Philipp Plein jacket, Evisu jeans, Moschino boots and backpack

Gao Weiguang in YE’S scratches his head.

Li Xirui in ITCN scratches her head.

Dilireba in YE’S scratches her head.

Yang Mi needs to take them all for a dandruff check-up.

Zhang Huiwen in Valentino.

Zhang Huiwen in Dior sweater, Ferragamo skirt and clutch, SKAP heels, and IceWatch.



Ou Hao still in DSQUARED2

But the shoes are the best part! That and the clearly illegal license plate.

Zhang Xinyi still in Lacoste

I know, this is from last winter, but how can you say no to Cindy?

or to puppy?

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