Happy (Photoshoot) Black Friday

So, for those of you in the United States: Thanksgiving is over, Happy(?) Black Friday! (How could I resist theming this week’s round up this way?) Jing Boran and Eddy Peng almost look like they could be planning their shopping strategy. Meanwhile, Gao Yuanyuan’s dark red lipstick looks great in her black drenched photo shoot, while Jane Zhang goes for a grey background. Xu Jinglei, though, goes for an all out grayscale look. There’s also Liu Yifei, in elegant dresses – look below the cut for more pictures!

01.Gao Yuanyuan

02. Liu Yifei

03. Jane Zhang

04. Xu Jinglei

05. TSevereal of China’s top models gathered for this photoshoot, which has our favorite Newspaper dress code (Black, white, read all over)

06.Eddy Peng and Jing Boran

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