Weibo Wednesday: November 26, 2014

To those of you who celebrate it, happy early Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast as much as Wang Leehom is enjoying his.

Wang Leehom about to enter Thanksgiving food coma

王力宏: 練了一整晚小提琴,走出錄音室看到這樣的擺設…太感動了!老婆親手作的感恩節大餐,好好吃[馋嘴]祝同鞋們也有滿滿的愛的感恩節[爱你]

I practiced violin for the entire evening, and when I walked out of the recording studio, I saw this display… too moving! A Thanksgiving feast personally prepared by my wife, so tasty. I wish that everyone will have a Thanksgiving full of love.

And if that’s not enough meat for you, Vicki Zhao Wei has you covered…

Vicki Zhao Wei with her new meat mattresses

赵薇: 哇哦!杀青了!完全没想到第一次来美国拍电影这么顺利开心!能学到新的东西,交到好的朋友,真是人生之幸!谢谢所有剧组人给我的签名和珍贵的礼物!预感这不会是一次短期的合作~哈哈!另外~剧组道具做的猪肉是不是太逼真了?哈哈,其实是塑料,躺在上面很舒服![心][haha][作揖]@电影横冲直撞好莱坞

The actress just finished filming Hollywood Adventures (横冲直撞好莱坞) in the United States, and there are reportedly already plans for a sequel. Maybe they’ll film in Northern California next time. *hint hint*

Wow! Filming wrapped! I never imagined that my first filming a movie in America would go so smoothly and happily! It really is fortunate to be able to learn new things and make good friends! Thanks to all of the crew members who gave me the autographed and precious gift! I predict that this will not be a short-term collaboration~ Haha! Also~ Isn’t the pork prop made by the crew too realistic? Haha, it’s actually made of plastic, and it’s very comfortable to lie on!

Ma Xueyang playing carnival games

至上励合_马雪阳MARS: 把你带回家。

Ma Xueyang shows off his competitive side when trying to win adorable monkey plushies. Netizen comments vary from “Take me home instead” to “Take Xiao Mei (Liu Zhoucheng) home.”

Going to take you home.

Ni Ni faces off with dog

倪妮V: [喵喵]:喵![doge]:汪!

The gorgeous Ni Ni shows off her tough side by going head-to-head with a dog sculpture. Her new movie Back in Time (匆匆那年), also starring Eddie Peng, will hit theaters on December 5.

Cat: Meow! Dog: Woof!

Jimmy Lin getting greeted on Clash of Clans

夢想家林志穎: 部落战即将开打,看到对方首领摆这个阵,请问我要怎么打? ps 不是广告喔

While playing Clash of Clans (at least, I’m assuming that’s what this game is), Jimmy Lin was greeted by this troop formation, which reads, “Hi, Kimi’s dad.”

About to start the clan fight when I saw my opponent’s chief’s troop arrangement. I ask you, how am I supposed to fight? P.S. This isn’t an ad.

Cindy Tian Yucheng with her pet tiger

田亮: 周末本想给自己放个假轻松一下,结果陪娃玩了两天各种的累[生病],于是翻出以前的照片教育小学女生说,你看你那会多乖啊,现在咋这么淘?森碟点点头:嗯谢谢爸爸,可是为啥人家可以养老虎,我们也养一个嘛[哈哈]…..

Tian Liang shared about his weekend with his daughter Cindy Tian Yucheng, and how she ended up asking for an interesting pet.

Over the weekend, I originally wanted to take a break and relax a little bit. I ended up playing with her for two days, so tired. So I took out some of old photos and instructed the elementary-age girl, saying, Look at how obedient you were back then. What happened now? Cindy nodded her head, Oh, thank you, Daddy, but how come other people can raise tigers? Let’s raise one too…

And here’s a cute picture of Cindy on a wooden horse, because why not:

Cindy Tian Yucheng on a wooden horse

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