The Affectionate Country releases trailer

Yeah… I’m pretty sure if I could afford a desk like the one you have, I would spend more time studying too…

The Overly Affectionate Country has finally released a trailer after being backed up since filming in 2013 (almost as far back as the dynastic era).  This Qing dynasty melodrama stars Gao Yunxiang (Yu Zheng’s Mikey He replacement from Palace: The Lost Daughter), Hou Mengyao, Anita Yuen, etc..  This rendition follows the Shunzhi Emperor, father of Kangxi, as he meets the future Consort Donggo in the countryside.  Watch as their love struggles to uphold itself through Han-Manchu tensions and envious harem competitors and eventually gains the recognition Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang (See The Legend of Xiao Zhuang).  This happy conclusion happens just in time for the two leads to conveniently be swept away by an epidemic of small pox.  The end.

More stills below the cut.

OMG… we finally released a trailer!!!

For some reason, Consort Donggo has been transformed from a Manchurian into  Han dynasty country girl so she can be subject to abuse at the hands of the other characters.  Try to rest in peace while your life is manipulated for economic gain by modern-day producers.

It’s a wonder how all the playboys always fall for the “innocent” type…

Where’s the drama equivalent of the run-down trailer park?

I’m sorry, your majesty.  As a woman other than the female lead in this drama, I am required to have resting bitch face.

I take it back, The Legend of the Last Emperor… and I thought your palace was “pimp”…

I imagine that if anybody ever decided to make a rap video set in the Qing dynasty, it would look something like this…

Dear make-up artist, I know the Shunzhi Emperor was supposed to have died of small pox but those sores look more like syphilis to me…

Today I learned that lava lamp paneling was all the rage during the Qing dynasty…

5 thoughts on “The Affectionate Country releases trailer

  1. Actually it is loosely based on popular folklore, the false rumor was Dong Xiaowan was abducted to the harem of Emperor Shunzhi.
    source: Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, The Qing Period.

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  3. I’m skipping this drama…. How Consort Donggo become a courtesan Dong Xiaowan… SMH…. It makes no sense =(

  4. At first glance, I thought he was Mickey He…trailer was pretty unappetizing :( Or at least, nothing that made me want to watch it…Also, it’s so weird, to think that htese two are the same as the “babies” that appeared in Beauties without Tears.

    • Shhh… Yu Zheng got some of Mikey He’s DNA before he left and made a clone to continue the “Palace” series…

      I guess in the minds of some producers, Chinese history + Melodramatic Asian drama plot = Profit…

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