Alec Su directorial debut releases trailer


Alec Su tries to launch new actors like Ou Hao and Yang Yang to the success he once enjoyed.

Once a youth icon himself, Alec Su revisits the popular themes of youths and high school once more in his directorial debut, The Left Ear 左耳.     First glimpses of the mostly new male cast of Ou Hao, Yang Yang, Hu Xia, and Duan Bowen were released this week.

Fun fact: Jiang Jinfu and Lin Gengxin were the cover models for the book before going into acting.  How do you think the new cast compare?

6 thoughts on “Alec Su directorial debut releases trailer

  1. Is this whole confession-written-on-black-boards pattern really common in China? b/c in the US, that like almost never happens…

    The pattern also appears in 匆匆那年

    • I don’t know of anyone who’s done it, but I also don’t know many Chinese high schoolers. I doubt so, though, since you’ll probably get yelled at by your teacher if you did that and get a talking to about the problems with dating in school. Most things that happen in a film/drama are improbably in general (for example, how often do you fall in the shower to be rescued by your true love? ).

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