Kris Wu sings for new Xu Jinglei film


Wu Yifan deep in thought about how he’s ever going to pass for Feng Xiaogang’s son.

First glimpses of Xu Jinglei‘s first romance, Somewhere only we know 有一个地方只有我们知道 starring Kris Wu, Wang Likun, Zhang Chao, and Nayizha, are shown in Kris Wu’s latest MV for the film. Being Xu Jinglei’s new favorite, Kris Wu is also expected to play Feng Xiaogang’s son for upcoming Guan Hu film Old Punk 老炮儿.

P.S. Anyone know who is the random white guy that Xu Jinglei is snuggling with?

3 thoughts on “Kris Wu sings for new Xu Jinglei film

  1. I just watched the movie… probably one of the most awkward films I’ve seen in theaters, and I saw Twilight in theaters. Wang Likun is the only one of the leads (including Xu Jinglei, who is usually better than this) whose acting worked. The script didn’t help that much by going between fangirl MV to idol drama to emo backstories to Nazi’s. The character build-up didn’t contribute to the story at all, and mostly existed to build the perfect male lead with a sad past but a loving heart. There was zero chemistry, and the climax involved Wu Yifan looking like a pretty, confused puppy who can’t speak Chinese (hint: that’s not what he was suppose to be).

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