Zombies,medicine, Ning Huanyu add “Mystery” to tomb-raiding film


Always bring medicine in case of zombie eunuchs.

If you can’t do it best, do it first. That’s what Mystery: The World of Tomb Raiding 秘术之盗墓江湖 hopes to do in the slew of tomb-raiding movies and dramas coming soon.     If anything, I was definitely lured by the traditional-medicine-inspired posters, and super impressed when I heard the theme song by Ning Huanyu (composed by him, too!)  playing in the background.  The film stars Ady An Yixuan, Jiro Wang, Guo Degang, and Ning Huanyu.

Theme song and MV, lyrics/composition by Ning Huanyu:

Jiro WangAdy AnNing Huanyu

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