Weibo Wednesday: November 5, 2014

Hope everyone had a good Halloween last week! Some celebrities got in on the fun as well, though I haven’t seen any truly outlandish costumes yet. Here’s three of the cutest ones I saw — do you have any of your own to share?

Jimmy Lin with wife Kelly Chen at son Kimi Lin‘s school’s Halloween party. They’re dressed as a SWAT team. Excuse me while I express shock over the fact that they’re allowed to bring to fake weapons into a school. My workplace didn’t even allow lightsabers!

Jimmy Lin, wife Kelly Chen, and son Kimi Lin dressed up as SWAT officders for Halloween

夢想家林志穎: Happy Halloween day! 今天我们是“特警家族”参加Kimi学校的party,Kimi在台上看到爸比妈咪,表演的更加卖力边唱歌边跳起舞来了![嘻嘻]

Li Xiaolu and daughter in matching Little Red Riding Hood costumes.

Li Xiaolu and daughter as Little Red Riding Hood

李小璐Super璐: 万圣节小红帽出动~ 晚安啦

Ye Zuxin as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. He looks waaay too unconvincing for the part, but it’s cute!

Ye Zuxin dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween

叶祖新: 万圣节!海盗出没!PS :Blue Man 太精彩!

In non-Halloween news, Han Dong is trying to convince costar Zhang Meng to eat more. They’re currently filming the drama Bi Xue Shu Xiang Meng (碧血书香梦), which is set in Republican-era China and is reportedly the fourth time they’ve worked together.

Han Dong feeding Zhang Meng

韩栋: 不要整天总喊着减肥减肥,能吃才是福啊[偷笑] @张檬 [干杯]

Don’t keep calling out every day to lose weight, lose weight. It’s fortunate to be able to eat. @Zhang Meng

Angelababy is still visiting boyfriend Huang Xiaoming on the set of Hollywood Adventures (横冲直撞好莱坞), which also means the two get to hang out with Vicki Zhao Wei, well known for being Xiaoming’s big crush during his college days. The media took this photo and ran with it, but the two gals gave their own witty responses. ;)

Zhao Wei, Angelababy, and Huang Xiaoming in Hollywood

搜狐娱乐: 那么问题来了,请问教主,赵薇、#Angelababy#掉水里,你先救哪一个? @黄晓明

Sohu Entertainment: This is the big question: If Zhao Wei and Angelababy both fell into the water, whom would you save? @Huang Xiaoming
Vicki Zhao Wei: I would save Angelababy. :D
Angelababy: I know how to swim, so how about both of us save Huang Xiaoming? 8P

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  1. cute answers.. i always wonder, what makes Huang Xiao Ming love Angelababy?? but now, i kinda know the answer.. she’s a easy going person, i guess :)

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