Princess Jieyou shows off character stills just in time for Halloween

On second thought, maybe long trains and hyper-extended robes aren’t the most suitable for nomadic life.

Princess Jieyou, starring Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Yuan Wenkang, and Ye Qing, has released character stills, revealing more about their costuming before the end of October.  The stills feature costumes drawing influence from Chinese, Turkic, Mongolian, etc. and most likely even some modern influences thrown into the mix.

For those of you late on your Halloween costume planning, perhaps you can draw some inspiration from the stills below.  Either way, more stills below the cut.

What more can I say… a prime example of the phrase “looks good in everything.”

With that fur lining, I’m sure you have a hard time having anybody take you seriously… much less a princess.

As the Chinese general, I’m just glad they aren’t putting cornrows and curls in my hair.

With all the men in capes, I wonder how well these would fare in nomadic life.

Ye Qing bears a striking resemblance to Chen Xiang/Lee Junki.

… and here a Ningxia Hui has teleported back in time.

… and I’ll give up while I’m ahead because I honestly don’t know what is going on with this one.


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