Weibo Wednesday: October 29, 2014

Chen Xuedong on Grade One reality show

陈学冬: 一口塑料普通话的我也是醉了[拜拜]一年级好看吗?

Celebrities plus cute kids is always a plus, right? Hunan TV recently began broadcasting a new reality show called Grade One (一年级), in which actor Chen Xuedong and actress Song Jia are put in charge of a new first-grade class. Watch the show on Hunan TV’s YouTube account.

Me with my mouth full of plastic Mandarin*, I’m also intoxicated. Is Grade One fun to watch?

* “Plastic Mandarin” is a way of referring to Mandarin that is heavily influenced by the Hunan dialects.

Chen Chusheng with one-month-old son

陈楚生: Demo满月啦!谢谢大家一直以来的关心和照顾,我们回家啦!

Chen Chusheng celebrated the one-month-old birthday of his newborn son! As might befit the child of a singer, the kid’s English nickname is “Demo.”

Demo is one month old! Thank you everyone for your continued care and consideration! We’ve returned home!

Li Yifeng at a basketball game

李易峰: 看球球 姚明看起来比奥尼尔胖啊

Li Yifeng recently attended one of the NBA Global Games in Beijing. The teams playing were the Brooklyn Nets and the Sacramento Kings, but looks like Li Yifeng was more focused on getting a picture with Yao Ming and Shaquille O’Neal. That’s a pretty advanced selfie angle there, if I might say.

Watching some basketball. Yao Ming looks fatter than O’Neal here.

Guo Jingming with new iPhone

郭敬明: 请问:我手上拿的是6,还是6plus呢?(看微博下面的来自哪里没用,老子心机很重的,岂会留下这么明显的线索)

The new iPhone 6 came out in China on October 17, so here’s Guo Jingming with a trivia question for his fans:

Am I holding an iPhone 6, or an iPhone 6 Plus? (It’s no use looking at the place where Weibo says I posted from. I’m very crafty; how could I leave behind such an obvious clue?)

The answer? An iPhone 6.

Zhang Yuan with giant pear

至上励合张远: 你有什么鸭梨?

Top Combine released a ridiculously catchy single composed (of course) by Ma Xueyang. The song, titled “Big White Pear” (鸭梨大),is actually about the pressures in life that current youth face, and the only reason there’s a pear in the song title is because the word for “Chinese white pear” (yā​lí 鸭梨) sounds like the word for “pressure” (yā​lì 压力). Here’s to hoping the MV literally has a giant pear in it.

What kind of pressure (lit. white pear) do you have?

Zhang Yuan poking fun at Liu Zhoucheng

至上励合张远: 后面内个说他睡会儿,睡着睡着又自拍了…

Top Combine’s Zhang Yuan also posted a funny picture of bandmate Liu Zhoucheng taking a selfie when he said he was going to take a nap. Hey, there’s a reason he’s called “Xiao Mei.”

The one behind me said that he was going to take a nap. He fell asleep and then started taking selfies again…

Blackie Chen, Chen Bolin kissing at Ariel Lin's wedding

范范范瑋琪: 賤州啊~你說程又青嫁別人了要好好安慰大仁哥。。。。這是那門子安慰啊蛤???

Christine Fan called on husband Blackie Chen to comfort Chen Bolin at the engagement party of his In Time With You costar Ariel Lin, and… well, this happened.

Blackie~ You said that since Cheng Youqing (Ariel Lin) got married to someone else, you were going to properly comfort Brother Daren (Chen Bolin)… What kind of comforting is this???

11 thoughts on “Weibo Wednesday: October 29, 2014

  1. Completely addicted to Grade One after reading your post here. Can’t decide if I like Xi MengZi or Li HaoYu more.. Absolute cuteness overload(!!!) *spazz*

  2. Is it just me or does “Big White Pear” sample beats from different songs? Bits of it sound very familiar.

  3. How are the little girls in that class going to recalibrate their standard of male adorability after this…<3__<3

    • In the last episode, Ximengzi and Li Haoyu were fighting over Little Apple, little did they realize that Little Apple actually thinks Chen Xuedong is better looking than both of them….

  4. Lol cute Chen Bolin. Anyway there was a very fun comment regarding the first pic which you posted. A netizen commented and said that he thought that the kid on the left is Guo Jingming. And then Guo Jingming replied him by saying sth like “The person who commented, come out now” HAHA.

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