The Legend of Xiao Zhuang releases stills

Jing Tian or Yuan Shanshan? You decide!

The Legend of Xiao Zhuang (or more literally according to the Chinese title The Legend of Da Yu’er) has released stills.  Be prepared for more Qing dynasty fare starring Jing Tian, Geng Le, and Nie Yuan.

The story follows the life of Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang.  In this rendition, Mongolian princess Da Yu’er desires to spend the rest of her life with her true love Dorgon but through a series of events, ends up married to Hong Taiji.  Watch as she lives through the lives of three successive emperors (her husband, son, and grandson), struggles to balance love and responsibility, and follows through with her destiny in lifting the Qing dynasty from its founding to what many would consider its apex.

More stills below the cut.

So I see you’re still stuck playing the virtuous, pretty-in-pink, female politician?

Did you just tell me that my range is limited for playing two female politicians?!?

Listen here!  I’m trading pretty pink and RED costumes for more pretty pink and RED costumes…

…AND I am going from playing a female politician to a PRINCESS politician so this is considered an upgrade!!

Ummm… errrr… no… I haven’t gotten the memo on how Yu Zheng feels about this…

Is he mad?  Does he think this will compete with his In Love with Power?…

Is that why he decided to release Cosmetology High even though it just finished filming?  T_T

15 thoughts on “The Legend of Xiao Zhuang releases stills

  1. Being a hard fan of Huang Taiji and HaiLanZhu’s CP. I hate everything related to DaYu’er and her supposed lover Gordon…

  2. The stills love so beautiful and tempting, but I’m always dissuaded when I find out how many episodes there will be. BTW, those hair pieces are just getting more and more elaborate!

    • Chinese dramas have made large steps recently in terms of costuming, props, backgrounds, sets, etc. It’s just sometimes the story isn’t always… errr…. to my liking shall we put it…? Hopefully more companies taking on popular internet novels for scripts will help provide a jump in this department…

      • Lol I remember that, she came out looking like a mad crow. I think she even did some kind of ‘seductive’ dance? The horror! I think there’s plenty to watch, I wouldn’t resort to this even if it was my last option. Btw (slightly off topic) has anyone seen Red Sorghum yet?

        • OMG!! I found that really late last night and started through the first episode. It looks pretty good from what I’ve seen… NEED MORE TIME TO WATCH MORE OF AMAZING ZHOU XUN!!!

          • Wow really that good??! Okay I really have to make some time to watch then. Haven’t seen much of Zhou Xun (probably a crime from what I hear) totally looking forward to watching now :D

            • 60 45-minute episodes… and I tried clicking through the first one but ended up kinda spell-bound since things started happening and it’s Zhou Xun so that failed and I ended up mostly-watching the first episode… which probably means I’m going to be re-watching it… but yeah… the sleep sacrifice necessary is high for this one… not as much as Zhen Huan Zhuan… but it’s still high…

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