Zhao Liying cuts her hair for Our Ten Years

Directed by Joe Ma Wai-ho, Our Ten Years 我们的十年 is the latest youth film, this time starring Zhao Liying, Kimi Qiao Renliang, and Gui Gui.

I still think it’s weird we’re getting all these older, non-mainland directors trying to make films about mainland students in the 1980’s when the selling point of those films is memories, which those directors clearly do not share with the audience. On the other hand, Zhao Liying looks great with a bob!

4 thoughts on “Zhao Liying cuts her hair for Our Ten Years

  1. Awww ZLY looks quite cute with the short hair. The character photos are very nostalgia-y, maybe because they look like polaroids? Currently watching “Back in Time” so I’m all for more of these youth-themed dramas and films!

  2. It’s just a wig, no? She had long hair for that Golden Eagle award show thing (which happened in the midst of shooting for this film, I think) — plus the pictures from the set of her new drama have her with long hair too.

    Also, is the guy in the last picture related to Feng Shao Feng? Same last name and he looks so much like him!

    • I believe her hair is actually somewhere in between? Definitely not as long as Golden Eagle, but longer than this.

      I don’t think they’re related.

  3. I love her hair, She cut it!! Very brave and professional too. I am seriously looking forward to this drama. It has been very dry on the CDrama front for me. Any good recommendations?

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