Chinese Film Festival Kicks Off Tonight in LA with Events to Follow in DC, Hawaii


For lucky folks in the LA, DC and Hawaii area, this fall will bring a rare chance to catch old and new Chinese films on the big screen with English subs!

Kicking off tonight, Oct 17, with a west coast premiere of acclaimed director Wang Xiao Shuai’s Red Amnesia 闯入者 (2014), the film festival returns for its second installment. Director Wang and producer Liu Xuan will also attend the screening and answer some questions.

The selection this year features 15 feature films and 7 shorts, including the latest blockbuster release by famous blogger and critic Han Han, The Continent 后会无期(2014), starring Feng Shao Feng and Chen Bolin. Ann Hui’s The Golden Era 黄金时代 (2014) starring Tang Wei and Feng Shao Feng will also premiere.

This year will also see two tribute film series: Tribute to Wu Tian Ming 吴天明, one of the pioneering 20th century chinese auteurs who nurtured the rise of the renowned Fifth generation of directors, including Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige; and Jiang Wen 姜文: Let the Movies Fly, for the thirty years of filmmaking by this actor-turned-director.

Closing the festival will be Diao Yinan’s Black Coal, Thin Ice 白日焰火 (2014), which won the Berlinale Golden Bear earlier this year.

For more information: Official site and ticketing information

P.S. Jointly organized by the UCLA Confucius Institute, UCLA students get free entry into all screenings.

Some trailers for the highlight films:

Red Amnesia 闯入者 (2014), Wang Xiaoshuai 王小帅 – Director will be at screening!

Fri, Oct 17, 7.30pm, LA

The Golden Era 黄金时代 (2014), Ann Hui 许鞍华

Wed, Oct 22, 7.30pm, LA

The Continent 后会无期 (2014), Han Han 韩寒

Sat, Nov 1, 3pm, LA

The Sun Also Rises 太阳照常升起 (2007), Jiang Wen 姜文 – Director will be at the screening!

Mon, Nov 3, 7.30pm, LA

Black Coal, Thin Ice 白日焰火 (2013), Diao Yinan 刁亦男

Mon, Nov 10, LA

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  1. I’ll be down tonight for the opening and def Golden Era and Black Coal Thin Ice just to see Jiang Wen (I’ve seen the film before). So if anybody wants to say hi xD

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