Weibo Wednesday: October 15, 2014

Zhang Han and nerdy Chen Qiao'en

陈乔恩: 閨蜜閨蜜王同鞋~生日大快樂內[蛋糕][蛋糕][干杯]這照片拿出來我也是醉了~義氣啊![哈哈]

In order to celebrate Zhang Han‘s 30th birthday on October 6th, Chen Qiao’en dug out this potentially embarrassing photograph.

Best friend best friend classmate Wang~ Big happy birthday. I’ll become intoxicated after taking out this photo ~ Loyalty!

Yan Yikuan being silly and cute

严屹宽: 据说今天适合卖萌[亲亲]好吧,十一郎正在带领迷路的小兔子找妈妈[江南style]

October 10th has become the self-declared “Act Cute Day” (卖萌日) because the word for “cute” (meng 萌) looks like it’s made up of the words for “October 10th” (十月十日). Here we have Yan Yikuan acting like a strange rabbit while on the set of the new Xiao Shiyi Lang.

I heard that today’s a good day for acting cute. All right, Shiyi Lang is guiding the lost little rabbits so they can find their mom.

Wang Leehom loves vegetable juice

王力宏: 很多人都覺得我這麼喜歡喝蔬菜汁很奇怪。但我就是愛喝,每天都要喝這麼大罐[馋嘴]

Ever wonder how Wang Leehom manages to look so young even though he’s already 38 years old? His secret is out — vegetable juice! (And also more flattering hairstyles than this one.)

Many people think that it’s weird that I like to drink vegetable juice so much. But I just like to drink it. Every day, I have to drink a jar as big as this one.

Tony Yang and Eddie Peng in L.A.

楊祐寧YOYANG: 誰想得到LA也會碰到他@彭于晏

Turns out that even when actors cross the Pacific Ocean to get away from the entertainment industry, they still bump into each other! Tony Yang was making a stop there after a trip to Nicaragua with World Vision, while Eddie Peng was filming his cycling movie To The Fore (破风).

Who would’ve thought that I would meet him in L.A.? @Eddie Peng

Angelababy eating Hollywood

angelababy: 时差,醒了。分享一下最近的生活[嘻嘻][嘻嘻]放假好开心[嘻嘻][嘻嘻]

Hey, is that someone else in the L.A. area? Angelababy made a trip to Hollywood in order to visit boyfriend Huang Xiaoming, who is currently filming the romcom Hollywood Adventures (横冲直撞好莱坞) with Zhao Wei and Tong Dawei.

Jet lag, I’m awake. Sharing a little my recent life. So happy to go on vacation.

Gao Yuanyuan replaces Lin Gengxin by Mark Chao's side

高圆圆: @林更新 小新,你怎么看[思考]

Hehehehe, Gao Yuanyuan went with husband Mark Chao to watch his newest movie, Black & White: The Dawn of Justice. She also decided to usurp Lin Gengxin‘s position as Mark’s right-hand (wo)man in the poster.

Gao Yuanyuan: @Lin Gengxin, Little Xin, what do you make of this?
Lin Gengxin: Hehe hehe hehe hehe
Mark Chao: Stop laughing so bitterly. You should be happy for me.

Lin Gengxin with Michelangelo's David

林更新: 这个能买回家吗?

If Lin Gengxin sounded crushed, he probably isn’t in real life ’cause he’s busy living it up in Italy at the moment! Here he is with Michelangelo‘s David in Florence. He asks a very important question, to which Ma Tianyu gives a cheeky answer.

Lin Gengxin: Can I buy this and take it home?
Ma Tianyu: You can! When I went with a few friends there last year, they already bought the real one and took it away. This one is the one that they themselves made.

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  1. Kia Ora (Hello) **Zhang Han** please can we at least have 1 photo, or STILL / POSTER of our **Amazing Angelic Chinese Beauty **Park Min Young** by yourside.. That will mean alot to us the **Audience** I leave it to the lap of the gods.. that **Zhang Han** x **Park Min Young** will be able to grant us that one wish!!!!…… Appreciate it immensely.thankyou…. Fighting :::)

  2. Thankyou for sharing..
    **Zhang Han** is a remarkable handsome Chinese Actor.. and he is an Icon to the Chinese Entertainment Industry.. popularity that he deserves, recognition, status of his incredible overflowing talent he holds.. with the roles that he portrays.. and also how **Zhang Han** ALWAYS dresses immaculately and he looks so kewl with his Attire in his previous roles in the Historical Era..
    Many Happy Returns Zhang Han as your Birthday draws near.. 2015 will be a stepping stone.. for you.. the renown Chinese Drama** **Braveness of the Ming**
    Its a blessing that **Park Min Young** was considered the role, & was given this opportunity to be in her very**1st Debut in a Chinese Drama** Call it intuition or warm feelings.. but I feel that this Chinese Drama is going to be a Blockbuster Extravaganza when its released in 2016.. Cant wait.. Please it will be so AWESOME, if they can do STILLS photos of **Zhang Han** and **Park Min Young** That will be superdupagrande…. Fighting :)

  3. My mum loves Zhang Han’s acting in the queen of sop and also boss and me. Very talented and hopes he acts in more dramas

  4. Aw, LIn Gengxin <3 And wow, 10/10 is 卖萌 day? I wish I'd known before…so adorbs! Wondering what we'll see on 11/11 :P

  5. ahhh that’s some good updates there. :D although i know more or less about some of these celebs.

    btw, how would you pronounce “October 10th”? but i think it’s cute seeing the actual character for “meng” 萌 and then seeing that -> 十月十日. side by side. lol

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