More character stills from upcoming drama Qin’s Moon

Michelle Chen and the (absolutely adorable) child actress for the princess of Yan take a break from filming to take a selfie together (and prove that Michelle Chen suffered really bad photoshop in her character stills)

Tangren’s drama adaptation of QIn’s Moon has released another set of character stills. Lu Yi, MIchelle Chen, Jiang Jinfu, and Sun Yizhou show off more costumes/poses, but they’re also joined by Sui Yongliang as Gao JIanli, Gong Beibei as Snowlady, Song Ning as the senior “Controller of Fate”(Da Siming, who was female in the original), Qu Zheming as White Phoenix, You Jingru as the junior Siming, and Zhang Lei as Zhao Gao (a very powerful, and generally evil eunuch from the Qin dynasty). Look under the cut to see character stills.

Also, if you were interested in the animation series, the trailer for Season 5 was also recently released. HQ version of the season 5 trailer here; Youtube version below the cut. There was also a trailer showing off how nice the animation of the series is becoming, for another one of the special shorts (you can watch the full short here) (this one is particularly heavy on the fantasy).

(By the way, newbie Gao Shengwu, who was supposed to play White Phoenix, has been replaced by the more seasoned Qu Zheming, who is 25 and from the Shanghai THeatre Academy. So, fewer “young’uns” than originally anticipated.)

7 thoughts on “More character stills from upcoming drama Qin’s Moon

  1. Overall, some of the costumes aren’t as bad as what I imagine. Ge Nie’s, Duanmu Rong’s, Xue Nv’s, Wei Zhuang’s and Zhao Gao’s costumes are quite good and close to the one in that animation. Of course, we can’t expect it to be exactly the same or else it would turn out very unrealistic LOL

    But I don’t understand why Tangren put Gao Jian Li in that costume? His original costume in the animation is way better. And also Shao Siming’s costume in this series is way too simple? (It’s just my own opinion, no offense =))

    They changed Da Siming to a guy? Excited to see how would it turns out to be! White Phoenix’s costume was not bad too but is it just me? Qu Zheming just couldn’t give me that White Phoenix “feel” (based on the above stills).

    • I actually really like how Duanmu Rong looks in the non-promos (she’s so photoshopped in those), and really, Snowlady’s costuming looks pretty decent. Gao Jianli kind of loses part of that romantic zither player image with his hair up, but his actor seems really good looking, so…he…hee <3 <3 <3

      Tbh, I think Shao Siming's costume in the drama is kind of ugly, but I also really disliked her character (or lack of character) in the animated series, so she could wear a potato sack and I'd still be meh about it. Although I understand that a lot of people really like her, and who knows, maybe she'll get a costume change in the middle ^____^ Qu Zheming has no feathers! Nicholas Tse had a fun way of playing with them in The Promise, I hope that Qu Zheming can steal some of that smirky arrogance…haha…

  2. I didn’t watch the series. Are those costumes at all similar to the outfits in the original? Si Shao Ling’s outfit reminds me of a slightly fancier version of the outfits for the Tian Long Ba Bu remake, which was a nightmare in costumes.

    On the other hand, I really like Song Ning’s outfit.

    Also, Jiang Jinfu’s character is the main lead, right? Because Sina advertised this as a “romantic wuxia” drama, but isn’t his character 14 or something?

    • Wei Zhuang and Zhao Gao’s costumes are similar to the outfits in the animation, Gao Jian Li and Shao Siming’s costumes are very not similar to the actual ones while other characters’ costumes are less similar with the original ones but still acceptable.

      I am not sure whether Jiang Jinfu is the lead here, but according to the animation, which is Jing Tianming as the lead, so Jiang Jinfu should be the lead too. His character is indeed a teenager with the age around 13-14, but I think Sina advertised this as a “romantic wuxia” because the love story of other side characters and also Tianming’s love story with Gao Yue.

      • Jiang Jinfu is supposedly the lead. his character was 12 in the animation, but I think they expedited the aging process for the drama/had a time jump (dear StarQ: maybe you should do the same…) They’re definitely going to be altering the storyline, because Da Siming was a woman in the original, and here, s/he’s…not.

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