Vae, Huang Ling, Hu Xia sing in watercolor

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Huang Ling’s seductive voice joins Vae as a fox spirit for his latest ZhongGuoFeng  MV from his new album, Why not just drink tea 不如吃茶吧.  Huang Ling’s voice is always beautiful, and Vae’s production qualities has definitely increased tenfolds since joining OceanDisk, but just as impressive is the gorgeous watercolor MV’s from Vae’s entire album. Directed by JP Huang, the MV’s use a watercolor palette combined with lots of nature scenery and visual techniques to match Vae’s music style.

Huang Ling ft Vae in 惊鸿一面. The MV is probably my least favorite of the three, but it has my favorite song:

Vae ft Hu Xia 弹指一挥间, guest starring Guzheng artist Cheng Haoru and Chinese flute artist Chen Yue.


And last but not least, his title song Between water and land 山水之间:

2 thoughts on “Vae, Huang Ling, Hu Xia sing in watercolor

  1. very lovely and loving the whole… scenery shots.
    but it’s been a while since i’ve last listen to Vae though…
    not sure how long. lol
    but it’s great to get back into familiar artistes.

  2. Love these <3

    Oooh, it's been a while since I've listened to Vae…definitely agree that the MVs for the other two are prettier (but..惊鸿一面 is also my favorite song of the three) The 弹指一挥间 is my favorite, MV-wise, except for a few select scenes from 山水之间 – gaaaah, so gorgeous!

    I really like the name of the album, haha~

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