Rain and Liu Yifei star together in “For Love of Money”


Beach volleyball, anyone?

Directed by Gao Xixi and starring Rain and Liu YIfei in the lead roles,  upcoming romance film “For Love of Money” 落水红颜” will be hitting the silver screen on November 7th. (By the way, if you don’t care about Liu Yifei or Rain, you might be interested in seeing Joan Chen or Tang Yan in side roles).

Liu Yifei came from an aristocratic family, which has since fallen to ruin. With no other choice, she lives like an ordinary girl (oh, woe is her!). She meets and falls in love with a mysterious artist in a coffee shop, thus heralding the beginning of an uncertain love story. 

6 thoughts on “Rain and Liu Yifei star together in “For Love of Money”

  1. i’m game in watching whatever Liu Yifen is starring in… except them long ancient, historic chinese dramas… i can’t do those for some reason. lol
    will have to go and watch the trailer… but curious… does Rain know Chinese? o.0
    or will he get a dubbed over?

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