Sun Li, Jiang Xin reunite for upcoming drama The Legend of Miyue

Are you ready to see Zhen Huan – er, Mi Yue – lose that innocent look in her eyes, and harden into Zhen Huan again the first Empress Dowager?

Ready for an 80 episode series with Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Ma Su, Gao Yunxiang, and Alex Fong?

In the Warring States period, Mi Yue (Sun Li) is King Wei of Chu’s favorite little princess, but after her father’s death, her life falls to chaos. Her mother is cast out of the palace by the Queen of Chu, and Mi Yue and her brother Mi Rong hide in the palace, avoiding disaster after disaster. Mi Yue had had a childhood sweetheart, but is instead sent as an attendant to the state of Qin when her sister (Liu Tao) marries there. Her sister becomes the queen of Qin, while Mi Yue becomes a consort. After Mi Yue gives birth to her son (Alex Fong), her relationship with her sister deteriorates (both begin to engage in harem politics). Later, Mi Yue and her sister are sent to the far away state of Yan, but unexpectedly, Liu Tao’s son dies, and Qin enters internal turmoil. Mi Yue’s son becomes the next king of Qin, and Mi Yue becomes the first empress dowager in history, “The Empress Dowager Xuan*.” (Fun fact: in order to make herself feel at peace when she died, the 71 year old Mi Yue ordered to have the first terracotta warriors made).

The Legend of Miyue is adapted from a novel.

*In the same type of “first” as Qinshihuang was the first emperor. Qin has a lot of firsts to its name!

Jiang Xin, as a consort (of who?)

Mi Yue’s childhood sweetheart

Mi Yue’s sister, the queen of Qin.

A king who Mi Yue marries after the King of Qin dies.

Mi Yue and her sister’s husband

MI Yue’s father, King Wei of Chu

King Huai of Chu, who followed King Wei as the King of Chu

The (former) Queen of Chu, who banished Mi Yue’s mother from the palace

Assuming she’s a member of Chu royalty, because her last name is Mi .

21 thoughts on “Sun Li, Jiang Xin reunite for upcoming drama The Legend of Miyue

  1. Will there be English subtitles? Chinese drama producers should seriously consider this as a way to attract a more global audience.

      • hehe how is Red btw?
        I marathoned 战长沙 over the summer, and I haven’t been able to recover from that yet. So happy another 孔笙 drama is out so soon

        • The script is really great, and the acting is pretty good (minus the female lead). There are times when the directing felt a bit pretentious, but overall Red is a recommend!

          The only bad thing with Red and All Quiet in Peking is that the script is tight enough that I can’t just fast forward through most of the episode, so they’re really time-consuming.

          I wish I could like the Battle of Changsha, but I couldn’t get into it because I still feel like she could be his daughter … Also my sister wanted to see the puppy show that aired at the same time instead (also really good – 神犬奇兵 ).

      • I think most of the costumes for HuaXuYIn and this are pretty generic TVB-styled hanfu? The sleeves of Sun Li’s outfit is pretty rare, though, and I’ve seen them most lately in The Long Ballad.

        • Now that you mention it, yeah they are… I thought sleeves that were sealed off at the end and could be used like storage bags didn’t come around until the Ming dynasty or something… *shrugs* I’m really hoping that these are just the initial release of costume stills and the later ones will be more suited to my tastes.

  2. Yay!!!! Gosh Jiang Xin is so~ darn gorgeous in thay red outfit *_* Also Liu Tao looks alot younger here, specially compared to her Lang Yang Bang stills.

  3. On a side note,,, maybe it’s just the strong impression that Jiang Xin left me from ZHZ but I find it kind of odd to see her smiling like that… kinda innocently… maybe she’s playing a nicer consort?… I guess I’m still kind of used to seeing her with her “I’m going to bite somebody’s head off” expression.

  4. YES!!! and YES!!! and YES!!! The drama gods have spoken!! Now we just have to find a sacrifice for the release date ritual!!

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