Shanghai Noir a flashback to comedies of the past


Finally, a photo of Zhou Dongyu where she doesn’t look twelve.

Combining modern humor with the feel of a traditional noir film,  detective film Shanghai Noir 暴走神探 released an unconventionally clever trailer as it tries to ride the wave of interest in its supporting actor Yang Yang.

Watch the trailer of the Clara Law film starring Ethan Ruan, Yang Zishan, Zhou Dongyu, and Yang Yang below.

7 thoughts on “Shanghai Noir a flashback to comedies of the past

  1. I’m a bit confused on the style of the film as well. The cinematography definitely speaks dark comedy to me, but the annotation/titles gives off a bit of nonsensical-humor 无厘头/卖萌. I’m excited to see more of Yang Zishan, and I’m glad that Zhao Wei discovered such a talented actress.

  2. I love the look of it! Glad Yang Yang is doing so well and has not disappeared.

    Question, if I still would like to write for the site, would I be able to?

      • I am reading the Lost Tomb series right now, and I both anticipate and fear Yang Yang’s portrayal of Zhang Qiling. He’s right in image, but parts of me are scared that Yang Yang would not portray the complexities of this character as well, but I’m also looking forward to a different side of him. He’s so pretty though. haha. The entire cast is eye candy.

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