Weibo Wednesday: October 1, 2014

Cindy decorating Yuan Hong's hair

袁弘: 和新来的发型师森碟女士交流了一下学辫小辫儿技术哪家好的问题,她表示,自己只是带着彩虹蛋糕来探二姨妈@张歆艺 的班儿,不想讨论太严肃的话题,然后……我趁偷吻未遂……[泪]

Yuan Hong, who’s currently filming Princess Jieyou (解忧公主), had a surprise visit from Cindy last week. Cindy was actually there to see his costar Zhang Xinyi but ended up playing with his hair instead. :P

I talked with Ms. Cindy, the new hair stylist, about which stylist has the best braiding techniques. She said that she only came to visit her second aunt @Zhang Xinyi and bring her a rainbow cake, and she didn’t want to discuss too serious topics, and then… I was unsuccessful in my attempt at a stolen kiss.

A lot more cute pictures at Yuan Hong’s Weibo, and for those who want to see more of Cindy with her dad, she and Tian Liang recently did an adorable outdoors photoshoot.

Feng Shaofeng, Tang Wei at Venice Film Festival

冯绍峰: “这不正是我们的黄金时代吗?”—萧红、萧军2014年9月6日于威尼斯。

Feng Shaofeng and Tang Wei were in Venice earlier this month to promote their film, The Golden Era (黄金时代), at the Venice Film Festival. Not sure what they’re laughing about here, but they are quite cute together. (Sorry, Ni Ni! At least you know Tang Wei is taken.)

“Isn’t right now our golden era?” – Xiao Hong, Xiao Jun, 2014 September 6, Venice.

Jimmy Lin celebrating Kimi's 5th birthday

夢想家林志穎: #酷宝贝kimi生日快乐# Kimi今天五岁了,四岁的这一年你和爸比妈咪一起经历了很多美妙的时刻,我们也看着你从害羞不擅交流到活泼开朗勇敢。爸比妈咪希望你能带着这一年学习到的勇敢、坚强,最重要的是善良、仁慈,还有大家对你的爱,大步大步向前成长。亲爱的宝贝,爸比妈咪永远爱你,生日快乐![蛋糕]

Jimmy Lin celebrated Kimi‘s fifth birthday on September 15. Apart from a lot of superhero craziness, the party also featured a reptile and insect showcase, with Kimi even putting a snake around his arm and shoulders.

#Happy birthday to cool baby Kimi# Kimi is five years older this year. You went through many beautiful moments with Daddy and Mommy this year when you were four. We also saw you grow from being shy and not good at conversation to being lively, optimistic, and brave. Daddy and Mommy hope that you can take the bravery and strength you learned this year, as well as (most importantly) kindness, mercy, and everyone’s love for you, and move forward in maturity. My dear baby, Daddy and Mommy will always love you. Happy birthday!


You may have shipped Olivia and William or Yang Yangyang and Duoduo, but will those ships survive the struggle against the calls of fate to make the Yang Cubed and Li Cubed gymnastics families one? The two, whose fathers were each other’s best man, finally appeared together on TV for a recent episode of Happy Camp.

Two shy kids :D Yang Yangyang is so cool, do you want to play together?

Qi Wei with broken arm and husband Nathan Lee

戚薇: 天气真好[爱你],#晒晒幸福晒晒伤#。。。今天硬板换石膏啦。。。我选了黑色,还行吗?[偷乐]。。。因祸得福,正式休假!!!。。。[得意地笑][得意地笑][得意地笑]

What do newlyweds usually look forward to? Not a broken arm, right? Well, somehow Qi Wei ended up with one… but it’s okay, husband Nathan Lee assured her that he’d help with anything she needs, from eating to driving to dressing to showering.

Such good weather. #Showing off happiness, showing off injury# …Today I changed my cast… I chose a black one, how’s it look? …Good will come out of calamity, officially taking a vacation!!!…

Wang Luodan in wedding dress on beach

王珞丹: 拍了那么多婚纱照,依旧不想结婚

In the meantime, Wang Luodan muses about how she doesn’t want to get married… you go, girl!

I’ve taken so many wedding dress photos, but I still don’t want to get married.

Han Han shared baby pictures

韩寒: 32岁生日,谢谢一路以来的陪伴,愿大家喜乐长安

Han Han turned 32 on September 23. In order to celebrate, he shared some oldie photos of his on Weibo. The first picture is of his parents, while the rest progress throughout his own life (and show his early racing days, lol).

32nd birthday. Thank you for your accompaniment all the way. I wish everyone will have joy and peace.

And to wrap up this round-up, have a short (and embarrassed) update from Hu Ge:

Hello everyone. My hand slipped and I accidentally pressed “Like.”

What post did he accidentally like? A Sina post about the breakup between Korean actor Jo In-sung and Kim Min-hee. OOPS. Good thing you caught that, Hu Ge!

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