Li Bingbing (and Sun Li) stun with a gorgeous painted style


It’s fair to say that I love every single picture in this set from Li Bingbing’s new photoshoot for L’Officiel: every single one of them would have been perfect as the feature photo. This isn’t the first time L’Officiel’s gone for this classical scroll sort of look – you might remember the pictures we posted of Sun Li last year. There are more pictures from that set below this cut, for your convenience). So I’m crossing my fingers that L’Officiel will make this an annual thing and suggestion to the editor: can we have Ni Ni in your next classical painting themed shoot? Who looks better in this type of antique painting style? (Also, if you want to see more of this scroll-painting sort of style, you can check out the promotional posters from the movie Gong, with Zhao Liying and Zhou Dongyu) 



Sun Li, for L’Officiel’s May 2013 edition
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11 thoughts on “Li Bingbing (and Sun Li) stun with a gorgeous painted style

  1. Sun Li and Li Bingbing are dazzling in these classical Chinese interpretations. But Li sure looks like a dead ringer for Fan Bingbing here.

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