Announcement: Hey, Cfensi sponsors time travel now!

What was happening around 6 years ago, in September? Yang Yun and Yang Wei were getting engaged/married, China’s Modern Sky Festival was in Beijing and not coming to New York (October 4-5, 2014 if you remember), Ugly Wudi had yet to come out, Painted Skin came out on the 25th, on and on and – oh, yeah, and Cfensi started to publish posts on this WordPress website!

So here’s an anniversary present! (We’re actually ~4 days late, but…you and I both don’t want to wait until Christmas or Chinese New Years~) Cfensi now features a “Time Portal” tab – take a look here, and you’ll find a catalogue (by time era, ie: Qin, Han, etc) of the Chinese dramas we’ve posted on since we came back to WordPress in late August/early September, 2012. We’re trying to incorporate some type of video link for each project, so if you find one for a drama or movie we haven’t listed yet, please leave a note to make our jobs easier! Of course, also feel free to leave other suggestions and feedback.

4 thoughts on “Announcement: Hey, Cfensi sponsors time travel now!

  1. Happy anniversary! Wow, that’s six years since I first start following this blog (almost since the start of the blog — usually a lurker though) Hope you guys will continue this blog, it’s really nice not just to have English-translated updates on Chinese entertainment, but you guys always seem to attempt a critical perspective of it too. Pure awesomeness!!

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