Zhang Yunlong, Gao Weiguang photoshoot round-up


Upset over the coming finale of Ancient Sword?   At least we’ve got plenty of more eyecandy from the cast.   Some recent photoshoots from the “Handsome Uncle”  Gao Weiguang and “Little Black Cat” Zhang Yunlong, both members of Yang Mi’s Workshop under H&R Century.

Zhang Yunlong for Sohu New Face, interview here.

Gao Weiguang probably in one of his older shoots back when he was a model. More here.


Gao Weiguang, Zhang Yunlong for something.

Who wonpretending to be cool

The two for Men’s Uno

Gao Weiguang some

What is this

7 thoughts on “Zhang Yunlong, Gao Weiguang photoshoot round-up

  1. Will these gorgeous domestic actors get as much screaming attention from Chinese fans who adore K-pop stars?

  2. I really didn’t like his hairstyle in Microtimes, but wow, he is pretty <3 (and those abs…!) But ended up liking his character the best.

    Didn't like Gao Weiguang's character (in Microtimes, anyways), but gah, couldn't hate him because of that face…

    • I only liked the Yang Chengcheng-Zhang Yunlong couple in MicroTimes. Kang Gongzi was cute, but the love-n-angle between her and the other five people were annoying.

      I feel like Yang Mi and Hawick Lau seem to be using the same production team for their dramas? i.e. – the same TVB scriptwriter who probably couldn’t make it in TVB, and the same terrible lighting guy who ruins all their nice outfits.

      • Agreed. At some point Wan Ji went from being boring to being incredibly annoying – but I liked Kang Weiwei with Ou Hui, since it removed her from Yunlong’s brother/Wan Jia (that was basically a classic normal-girl-meets-rich-jerk drama shortened into a few episodes – they even had cancer…) Looks like there’ll be a second season…

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