International posters of The Golden Era: what’s your favorite?


Based on the life of  writer Xiao Hong and starring Tang Wei and Feng Shaofeng,  bioepic The Golden Era has released a slew of posters for audiences around the world, which one is your favorite?


The two leads with a background of inkblots (Japanese poster)

Pointed words

The face of Xiao Hong in a silouette of ink blots (Korean poster)

A portrait of Xiao Hong (Hong Kong poster)

Looking at quill feathers (Taiwan poster)

World of words (pre-filming poster)

6 thoughts on “International posters of The Golden Era: what’s your favorite?

  1. Difficult to say they are all gourgeous. The feather is so graceful and will definitely caught my attention. The world poster is great too, kinda remind me of some mystery make it more intriguing. The korean poster is definitely in their style but I love how the face and the profile are brought together :D
    Overall just waiting to see this movie :D

  2. were these all created by Chinese designers? They’re a big notch above the predictable movie posters with portraits of the cast.

  3. All three of my favorites are at the top of the votes! (Mine are the “World of Words”, Taiwanese, and Japanese one in that order). The Korean one is my least favorite one just because it reminds me of the opening of half of all recent Yu Zheng dramas.

  4. Don’t really have a favorite, but oh my gosh, these are all gorgeous. And it’s interesting to think about which designs they use for which audiences.

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