Photoshoot Friday: Nostalgia

This Photoshoot Friday is late, but…doesn’t Rhydian Vaughan make up for it? He’s in a shoot with Qi Xi. Also, there’s Zhang Meng and Du Ruoxi rocking the crimson lipstick, and Yang Rong looking adorable in all black. Zhang Xinyi is as stylish as ever, sporting various daring outfits; meanwhile, and Joe Chen is the “cute” type of retro (she has crimson lipstick too, oops). There’s also Yuan Shanshan in black and white, and Wang Fei (p.s, she’s kind of back together with Nicholas Tse?) making a magazine cover.

01. Rhydian Vaughan, Qi Xi

02. Zhang Meng

03. Yang Rong

04. Zhang Xinyi

05. Joe Chen

06. Yuan Shanshan

07. Du Ruoxi

08. Wang Fei

5 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: Nostalgia

  1. This comment has nothing to do with this entry. Anyway, I needed to tell this.

    Bibi Zhou has been selected by the CCTV to represent China in the ABU TV Song Festival 2014. I think that it’s something important.

    • Thanks for letting us know. I just looked at the previous guest lists, and I haven’t heard of any of the other people representing China before….

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