Luo Jin, Yuan Shanshan act out a romance of Mulan meets RoCH

I just really like this poster.

And apparently, the Butterfly Lovers?  We’re just glad Yu Zheng’s posters no longer look like this.

In a departure from the unexpectedly hilarious period comedy Cosmetology High, Luo Jin and Yuan Shanshan‘s chapter is a reversion back to the more conventional love tale, following Yuan Shanshan as the spoiled princess who decides to join the army for fun and falls for Luo Jin’s general.  Unfortunately for the pair, the prince of a neighboring country wants to marry her, and she must seek cosmetology help from Yang Rong and Jin Shijia’s characters to fake a ruined face.

But this being Yu Shanshan, not only do the pair get better posters than the actual leads, they get the better theme song by Zhang Jie and their own mini-MV below:

1 thought on “Luo Jin, Yuan Shanshan act out a romance of Mulan meets RoCH

  1. That poster (above) was actually a copy of Yang Rong with the butterfly wings and Jin Shijia standing under her (which was released first).

    I don’t know, the story of Yuan Shan Shan and Luo Jin was of kinda dry. Hated how YZ made Luo Jin to be a mighty general, but yet he was quickly made into a love sick puppy and disappointed with his acting in here.

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