Ni Ni and the boys for Cosmo Bride


Actress Ni Ni is paired with a group of males for Cosmo Bride‘s 7th anniversary special – model Zhang Liang, pianist Li Yundi, enterpreneur Chen Ou, singer Zhang Jie, and actor Bai Ke. How does this photoshoot compare with her Cosmo Bride shoot last year this time?

Entrepreneur Chen Ou
Ou Chen
Chen Ou

Model-actor Zhang Liang, who just finished a period drama with Fu Xinbo and is currently filming a Dad-themed movie.

Zhang Liang

Singer Zhang Jie
Zhang JIe
Zhang Jie
Zhang Jie

Actor Bai Ke, whose season 2 of Never Ever Expected is currently airing.

Pianist Li Yundi
Li YundiLi Yundi

Li Yundi

… and finally, to rule them all, the beautiful Ni Ni, whose unnamed film airs in December.

9 thoughts on “Ni Ni and the boys for Cosmo Bride

  1. wow she is stunning!
    may I ask, I think this is the edition where Park Hae Jin is part of, I thought he was one of the boys, I as looking for the cover where he is in it. Can you help me with it, thank you!

  2. I like this one better than last year’s! By the way, I still remember the featured photo from last year’s photoshoot because it was so pretty.

    I like the red/white combination here; the red is a nice pop of color.

  3. Li Yundi? OMG! That’s so unexpected! I’m not much of a big fan of him (he’s gotten worse lately), but I love this! :D

    • I think the issue is that they tend to style them similarly for these high fashion shoots, and due to the current trend in converging ideals of beauty, subsequent photo processing can make two people who look nothing alike pretty hard to tell apart.

      Speaking of which, I did not recognize Bai Ke at all in that first picture. I was thought he was actually not bad looking even though they dress him like a slum in Never Expected, but man, he looks dashing in that picture. (Swoon~)

      • I actually think Bai Ke is pretty good-looking based on a few interviews of him outside of the show, it’s unfortunate all of his photos are styled like he’s in a Jim Carrey movie….

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