After leaving Yu Zheng, Mickey He tries his hand at bringing legendary Chinese doctor Hua Tuo (seriously… some people worship him) to life.

Starring Mickey He and Li Yixiao in a drama about the turbulent Three Kingdoms that isn’t about the literary novel,  Half for the People, Half for Beauties has released a set of character stills.

The drama follows the famous doctor Hua Tuo, a Chinese doctor famous for surgery and anesthesia.  In order to help cure the governor’s daughter’s (Ming Xin) eyes, they travel searching for the anaesthetic mafeisan.  During his adventures, he meets Guan Yu, Cao Cao, and  and becomes embroiled in politics, including a drop by at the famous  Battle of Red Cliffs.

More stills below the cut.

Li Yixiao as Hua Tuo’s mysterious wife (his excuse for not visiting Cao Cao to help with his migraines by saying she was ill).  Then again, dancing on the edge of a cliff is not my idea of fun or safe…
Ming Xin’s dad… he’s in for a surprise when that wave hits him…
Zhou Yu is on FIIIIRE!!
Hu Banxian, Hua Tuo’s eldest senior brother, models Han dynasty pajamas…
You guessed it.  Cao Cao always seems to be in need of double bypass surgery…
Lady Hui… just so we can have a pretty lady with shiny dangle-ies in her hair…
Wu Cheng, Hua Tuo’s second senior brother, plays the scholar archetype.

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        1. Rolling On the Floor Laughing.

          I sometimes have trouble with English slang as well. You can sometimes find answers on the website urban dictionary… but take what they write with a grain of salt since some people can just go on and write whatever they want.

  1. Wow, I dont see any pretty boys and girls in these drama. That is a good change. I gather it may not be a Yu Zheng’s production. I may be wrong, just wondering.

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