Photoshoot Friday: Dad?

Okay, it’s only fair that the Dads of Season 2 (or…I guess, just Lu Yi and Huang Lei) get a Photoshoot Friday for themselves. Except, look at who cameos at the end…!

Lu Yi and Bei’er are adorable for their Daddy and little girl photoshoot. Huang Lei and Duo Duo not only got to reunite with mommy Sun Li (not Deng Chao’s wife, you might know this Sun Li as Liu Yifei’s queen mother from Chinese Paladin) in the show, she also makes an appearance in the family’s photoshoot for Fashion Weekly – Duo Duo really strikes the model poses here. Personally, though, I like her photoshoot with Men’s Style more, where they dress her more like a little girl and not like a mini version of Lily (Tiny Times).
01. Lu Yi and daughter Bei’er

02. Huang Lei, Duo Duo, and Sun LI 
Duoduo and Huang Lei, again

And here’s a toast to Tian Liang and Cindy!

4 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: Dad?

  1. My favourite in Season 2 is Yang Yang Yang. I will not be surprised if he wons a Olympic medal on day. He is a competitive boy for his age. And very mature and sensible too. I do like his tantrums once in a while. He is so adorable. Dead pan look but when he smiles, he shines. He has a good sense of humor too. Okay, I just love this boy.

    • YYY is very mature for his age and some of things he says is honestly beyond what I could ever expect a 5 year old to say. For example when Grace was crying and refusing to finish the “taking care of baby” mission, YYY said “If she doesn’t cry she is a big big sister, if she cries she is a little big sister. But either way I am her older brother so I will take care of her” – that actually blew my mind.

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