Vampires, angels, and minority representation in new film


Your pick of translations: Waxing Crescent or Gathering Dusk?

As the first modern film produced by a big studio that stars both Uyghur artists,  Yu Zheng’s latest film will feature newbies and all 90hou Dilireba, Merxat, Yang Chengwen, Gao Yu’er, etc…  No news of the actual plot yet other than Twilight meets angels in a high school setting.

Because the actual title “Love Against the Light” sound too fancy for an obvious Twilight-imitating name, I’m debating an alternate translation of  “Waxing Crescent” or “Gathering Dusk”.  What are you thoughts?

Bonus points if you can name their respective roles in Ancient Sword.

Double the points for recognizing who she is in Ancient Sword.

If nothing else, the interior design’s great.

On a positive note, how nice is it we’re finally having Turkic ethnic group members playing normal Chinese instead of foreign princesses or kings?  Yay for diversity!

What do you mean this isn’t a dance studio? How is she suppose to be bitten by her true love in a symbolic sexual abuse and complete the Twilight metaphor?

8 thoughts on “Vampires, angels, and minority representation in new film

  1. Love your captions haha. Idk, does Gathering Dusk sound more literary? :D And points for diversity! Never heard of the guy actor (just from a quick search though, is his name transliterated as Merxat?), but he is very nice on the eyes.

    • You’re right. I could’ve sworn his Weibo was Merat at some point… but I guess my memories must be tricking me.

      Merxat is the third lead in Cosmetology High (which is surprisingly funny and I think one of Yu Zheng’s best works in a long time) and a new member of Yu Zheng workshops.

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