Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu collaborate again for Beauty Private Kitchens


Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu, latest regular on-screen couple?

Following their sweet romance in Ancient Sword, Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu meets once more for upcoming series Beauty Private Kitchens (more literally A Beauty’s Secret Dishes). Also produced by H&R Century, this drama dates to the Song dynasty and follows Chinese Martha Stewart’s Song Yudie’s trials and tribulations while attempting to find true love while pursuing her love of cooking.  Like any drama nowadays, the drama synopsis provides hints at birth secrets and schemes involving the ruling family (so period costume designers can have their fun).

This is turning into something like a Song dynasty version of Korean drama Jewel in the Palace… except the female protagonist ends up finding out she’s a princess… and it seems like her dream is more to start a restaurant… and her third wheel love interest is actually her brother… ewwww….  Despite the commonly used story devices, I find the trailer pretty refreshing and the actors seem to really be bringing it to life.  More stills below the cut.

I know… I know… don’t cry… they finally came out with quality stills and trailers for this production…

Does a trailer mean an impending release date?

It had better!! >:(

…great… before you try that, let’s send them some delicious food first…

… I mean we have so much to sell… like being a Song dynasty drama… which is kinda rare…

… and being about cooking… which never happens these days…


14 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu collaborate again for Beauty Private Kitchens

  1. No, definitely not just her nose and no way just botox. She had her face reconfigured. It looks longer. She looked almost un-recognizable during THE FOUR.

    • Uh, she had like two photoshopped photos and a max of 5 seconds of a scene in The Four so far.

      One thing to note is that Zheng Shuang’s most works were filmed at the ages of 17/18, which is before she’s done growing. She didn’t do much since until SOP Queen (21). I’m around her age, and my face definitely grew a lot less round and thinner between the times of high school and college graduation, and that’s considering I’ve gained weight in that time.

      Anyways, I don’t really care what she did or does as long as she stops using injections. Looking at her photos lately, I feel like she would still look cute and pretty as long as she stops putting those chemicals into her face.

      • In the drama with Hawick Lau its definitely obvious that she has had some sort of face injection which makes her face look super indented. But I think she had the injection before the first time she got plastic surgery because I remember commenting that her face shape looked weird during the Ancient Sword press interviews. She may have just gotten a second injection or something before Cage of Love started filming.

        She has admitted to removing her nose implant but I think she also had surgery on her eyes and lips? At least I think they kind of look different.

  2. That sound like a drama I definitely am looking forward to. Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu is a very cute combination. I like her and Ma Tianyu together, their chemistry is very good. I find her and Zhang Han chemistry lacking in Queen of Sop 2. I think Zhang Han almost seem too serious for Zheng Shuang. Ma Tianyu brings out the fun and youthfulness of Zheng Shuang. Their acting skills are on par with each other too.

      • I don’t think she looks that different here particularly, and it’s probably just how she parts her hair. She actually looks like herself back in college.

        I think her biggest issue is that she’s obviously had botox or some sort of injection in her face after this show, so her face looks plastic-y in her dramas with Hawick Lau and Chen Xiao.

        • Hope she does not suffer long term damage to her looks with those surgery. It will be such a shame if it does.

          • But isn’t the effects of Botox suppose to wear out in a few months? I don’t understand why she’s still getting them. She’s 23, for god’s sake! I wish someone would knock those ideas out of her head.

            • She admitted to plastic surgery not just botox. That is the dangerous bit. I hope think she will not do it anymore. Now she is not dating Zhang Han, she will feel less stress and insecure. She is such a young woman but she definitely made a bad decision by going under the knife.

              • She said the only thing she went under the knife for was her nose, and she’s already removed it. I don’t think it should affect anything other than her nose, and her nose definitely looks fine in almost every picture I’ve seen of her since.

                However, her face (not here, but in the drama with Hawick Lau and the currently-filming one with Chen Xiao) obviously has some sort of injections that makes her face looks super plastic.

                • The pressure these young actors/actress have to look perfect is so great in Asia. Unlike UK, the big celebs in UK are not prefect. If you watch the good quality shows, the stars are really very normal looking. It is the Z-list that try to look like groomed prefect Americans. Different Countries have such different culture.
                  Zheng Shuang recently has more backlash on her looks. I sincerely hope it does not affect her too much. She is trying to recover from her break up and moveingon with her life and being independent. I hope the audience will be more supportive of her. I look forward to watch her new drama. But I am not certain I will enjoy the drama with Hawick Lau. The previews does not look promising.

    • Well… I guess they do now… but then again, the checker grid isn’t that novel of a concept so… bleh… They probably did. I mean if you can tile a floor the next step would be alternating tiles and creating a checker pattern and then applying it to other places. They did checker designs in Virtuous Queen of Han too, I believe.

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