The Princess of Orchid Hills releases second trailer

In order to compete with Twilight, fans are requesting a picture of your face for their Team Lanling Wang and Team Yuwen Yong shirts.

Starring  Zhang HanyunPeng Guanying, and Andy Chen Yi, be prepared for more of the shipping triangle between Yuwen Yong, the Prince of Lanling, and a hopelessly idealistic heroine with The Princess of Lanling‘s new long trailer.  The trailer reveals more about the plot and will hopefully help us better gauge what to expect.

More stills below the cut because we simply can’t resist.

So usually we don’t post long trailers because they’re made for the purpose of selling the show to the TV channels (i.e. they contain all the spoilers and are terribly edited),  but this trailer seem to still be building up the illusion that it’s about Lanling Wang, so it definitely doesn’t spoil the plot.  – idarklight

Just remember that in a few hundred years, solar visors will look just as awesome as these veiled hats do.

Sorry… but as a female lead, I am obligated to pull on you this way towards the camera… just as you are obligated to gaze at me in that manner.

How production teams get away with including this scene in every drama we ever watch but with different clothing, the world may never know…

Wait… is Yuwen Yong wearing THAT shade of pink in there?!?

As his trusty wingman, Yuwen Yong’s eunuch dons pink so his master will feel less silly.

Usually people try to hide their PDA… but I guess things were just different back then…

Fan Service 101

Either their conversation is really interesting, she really needs to go to the restroom but is still trying to be polite, or she just really wants to punch him…

Fan Service 102

8 thoughts on “The Princess of Orchid Hills releases second trailer

  1. kay i gotta say i thought chen yi looked better in the beginning but after i watched the entire trailer now i think pengguanying is really hot lolololololol he’s really tall tho (long legs danggg)

  2. Yuwen Yong looks like he he’s a vampire in in that plum V-neck, shudder. Stills are looking pretty good, though :P

  3. I really hope they don’t edit the drama to make it more Lanling Wang focused even though Chen Yi is prettier.

    Also, when did Yuwen Yong become the de facto third point of any love triangle with Lanling Wang?

    • well… I guess from a business standpoint, it’s easier to ride on somebody’s coattails than to make something yourself… I mean there’s insurance in the already established fan groups… but yeah, if they keep it more Yuwen Yong focused it will probably help this drama distinguish itself from the other one…

    • I don’t think.
      From the trailer you can see Yuweng yong is clearly the first male lead and LanLingWang the second lead.
      I think the drama is quite royal to the book, they just remove the time travel part and make her lost the memory.

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