Weibo Wednesday: September 3, 2014

I hope none of you have been holding your breath for a Weibo Wednesday update, because that means you’ve been waiting for two. whole. months. Oops. Remember when we used to update this every week? Anyway, let’s go full speed ahead to this time’s round-up, which is on the shorter side, but hey, short and sweet, right?

Ni Ni cosplaying as Sailor Moon

倪妮V: 向头像致敬[haha]谢谢我"脑残"团队的礼物[泪]水手妮谢谢大家的生日祝福[哈哈]

Any Sailor Moon fans here? Ni Ni celebrated her 26th birthday on August 8 (yeah, last month) by cosplaying as Sailor Ni. She took several gorgeous shots, but of course I had to pick the classic “In the name of the moon, I will punish you” pose.

Pay respect to my portrait. Thank you to my “brain-dead” team for their present. Sailor Ni thanks everyone for their birthday blessings.

Ma Tianyu pushing around a baby stroller

马天宇: 爸爸去哪里 我来啦!!!PS:朋友真敢把孩子给我玩

Would you trust Ma Tianyu with your kid? Yeah, he doesn’t think that’s too great of an idea either. As expected, netizen replies have mostly been “It’s time for you to have your own kid! HINT HINT.”

Where Are We Going? Dad, I’m here!!! P.S. My friend really dared to give me their kid so I could play with it.

Chen Xiao's long hair from behind

陈晓: 脸就那么张老脸,唯有角度的不同才能给无聊的生活带来点新鲜。

You’re all going to disagree with Chen Xiao on this, I’m sure.

I just have that same old face. It’s only when you use a different angle that you can bring a little freshness into the life of boredom.

Nope, pretty sure your fangirls would be okay with staring at your face from the same angle, all day every day, but maybe that’s just me. :P

Jing Boran talking to bird

井柏然: 小鸽子说:脸肿成这样还特马吃呢.赶紧给我拿过来!

This one looks like a photoshoot outtake, but if it’s candid, kudos to the photographer. Here we have Jing Boran conversing with a pigeon over a salad. Yes, I did include this picture partly for that cute plushie on the table.

The little pigeon says: Your face is already swollen to that degree, yet you’re still eating it. Bring it over to me asap!

Zhao Liying and Wallace Huo being dorks on the set of Hua Qian Gu

赵丽颖: 我和师傅除了会在绝情殿吃个冰棍儿,偶尔也会带上墨镜到民间游历一番,耍个酷、卖个萌什么的~[许愿][噢耶]哎,总之我们住在“绝情店”的人桑不起啊~没有时间玩耍了都…[泪流满面][悲伤][委屈][挤眼][困][太阳]#花千骨#

During their free time on the set of The Journey of Flower (better known as Hua Qiangu), Zhao Liying and Wallace Huo busy themselves by acting like dorks.

Apart from eating popsicles in the heartless palace hall, Master and I will also occasionally put on sunglasses and travel the human world, acting cool and acting cute and stuff like that~

Lin Gengxin cardboard cut-out at Black & White press conference

林更新: 两次发布会都是纸板,搞得像我不在了似的

Lin Gengxin couldn’t make it to the recent press conference for his upcoming movie, Black & White: The Dawn of Justice, so his costars just brought along a cardboard cut-out of him for the event. Funnily enough, this happened for his other movie too.

Twice, there’s been a cardboard cut-out [of me] at the press conference. They’re making it seem like I died or something.

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