Legendary Di Renjie releases stills

Ummm… are you sure those eyes are yours?

You guessed it!  We’re in for another Di Renjie drama!!  At two movies and now two dramas, he’s really raking in the popularity recently.  Legendary Di Renjie stars Ren Jialun, Kan Qingzi, Jiao Junyan, Andy Chen, Theresa Fu, etc.

This drama follows Empress Wu Zetian, Emperor Gaozongand Di Renjie on his various exploits covering cases from the Buddhist Monastery to the events leading to the deposing of Empress Wang to plots to usurp the throne.

More stills below the cut.

Ever-popular Detective Di and co. at your service… bringing Wu Zetian in tow because that seems to be all we watch lately when it comes to the Tang dynasty…

You know there’s too much gold in the scene when you wear yellow and start blending in.

Screw it… It’s the Tang dynasty…

… and all the other dramas are doing it…

…so we’re going to show some cleavage…

Don’t you dare tell me off for indecency!!  You think it’s easy attracting the emperor?!?

Such a nice dungeon… Do tell me what kind of amenities you offer.

Yes… because as we have learned from dramas, leaders with masks, secret cave lairs, and subservient subordinates are all prerequisites for usurping the throne…


10 thoughts on “Legendary Di Renjie releases stills

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  2. What’s with the heaving bosoms galore??? That is one style that I really feel detracts the viewers from watching the actors/scene unfold nicely versus forcing the eyes to feast on bosoms galore… Not a cool trend I must confess :(
    But very pretty actors and customer I must admit…

    • I am so slow, I have to Google what bosom galore was. And got a link to a bra maker website. I just learn a new word.

    • Zhang YImou’s Curse of the Golden Flower started the exaggerated heaving bosom trend in imitation of French court ladies. Historically, Tang fashions were more daring compared to other dynasties, but these eye-popping bosoms of current films seem like ads for push up bras and distracts from the plot.

  3. I really hope it is better than Bosco’s version. The ending for Young Sherlock was so disappointing, I felt I had wasted my time watching the drama. I initially enjoyed the element of lightness and seriousness in the Young Sherlock but to have 3 main stars died at the end with Di Renjie left alone is just stupid.

    • Oh yeah… I kinda pretend that last part leading up to the ending just never happened… >.< Things really started to fall apart with the emperor suddenly changing personalities and people dying and stuff…

      • I agree. The drama was fairly enjoyable and Bosco was fun to watch. But the end was like train crush. I had to pretend I never watched the last bit too.

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