The Lost Tomb releases character posters


Our darling  Yang Yang is finally going to make it and look at how hot he is!

After months of speculations,  Tomb-robbing series The Lost Tomb 盗墓笔记 finally revealed its cast. The H&R Century internet series, based on the second of the book series, follows the gorgeous cast of Li Yifeng, Yang YangKen Chang, Wei Wei (the snake-dragon from Ancient Sword),  and Liu Tianzuo as they explore the world of lost tombs across China.

Along with the film series of the same name, The Lost Tomb series is planned to be an eight-year endeavor, with one season released per year beginning next year. The project is co-produced by author Xu Lei (南派三叔).

In addition to this, since suing his previous management company Rosat and joining H&R Century this summer, Yang Yang will also star as the second lead in Alec Su-produced youth film Left ear 左耳, based on the book of the same name. He also recently finished filming detective film Shanghai Noir 暴走神探 opposite Zhou Dongyu, Yang Zishan, and Ethan Ruan.

17 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb releases character posters

  1. The posters look awesome. We need some new genres in Chinese dramadom. The vibe reminds me a bit of 士兵突击. Now I need to read those books.

    • There are nine books. I think they plan to film one book(season) per year. But Li Yifeng said his contract for the series was only three or five years, I think.

      • Just like Harry Potter, isn’t it. But in drama not movie. There is talk about doing the same for Louis Cha’s The Legend of the Condor Heroes. There is talk about splitting the book into Three parts and filming each year.

        • Really? Into movies or TV? The 1987 series was filmed into three parts, so it wouldn’t be that much of an innovation if it’s for TV.

          The Lost Tomb project is planned to have about one movie and internet series per year, so it’s both for movie and drama. I can see this as more of James Bond (or for a closer and more realistic comparison, the Lara Croft series) since each movie/game/book has its own separate plot and doesn’t have an overarching story. If successful, they can easily just switch the main lead and continue the series with new plots. But H&R isn’t nearly as developed as Fox, so who knows what will happen…

  2. I think I almost cried (not really) when I heard Yang Yang sued Rosat and signed with H&R Century last month. I can’t forgive Rosat for how many years they completely wasted Yang Yang. =_=

    Yang Yang and Li Yifeng would make such a good-looking ship (apparently their characters have a huge shipdom).

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