Cosmetology High injects humor and botox into the Tang

Bringing on the Tang dynasty grove.

Cosmetology High (formerly the Making of a Beauty)  is a surprising mix of humor and even some creativity, a refreshing change from producer Yu Zheng.   The trailer also confirms my suspicion that Yang Rong is amazing and deserves better roles.  The series co-starring Jin Shijia, Zhang Zhehan, Merat, and guest-starring a lot of pretty people airs on Sundays beginning next week.

8 thoughts on “Cosmetology High injects humor and botox into the Tang

  1. This actually looks like a pretty fun drama…and Kenny Kwan reminded me of Ma Tianyu sometimes in the trailer. Also, eye candy…

  2. I really like the song despite the lyrics. Yang Rong manages to act natural in any role given to her, I’m sure it applies to this role as well.

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