Photoshoot Friday: August 29, 2014

Yao Chen makes me think that cloudy beaches might be more perfect than sunny ones – but then, Li Xuedong turns up a heat not long afterwards, revealing that the 17th prince has a pretty nice set of abs. Meanwhile, Minna Yang (Huang Rong for the upcoming ROCH 2014) goes for our favorite newspaper look ( “black, white, and red all over”). Gillian Chung looks much more sophisticated than she does in Ancient Sword in her photo shoot here, while “her” pet kitten Zhang Yunlong (from the same drama) is quite manly, even in a butterfly covered blouse. Also, Kai Ko plays basketball with a baseball cap on in his photo shoot for Elle Men (probably the last for a while). 

02. Li Xuedong

03. Minna Yang

04. Gillian Chung

05. Kai Ko

06. Ancient Sword, Micro Times, and Paranormal Adonis’ newbie Zhang Yunlong for his friend:

3 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: August 29, 2014

    • Hey you never know.. He might make a come back look at Gillian i think her scandal was as bad and she is slowly making it back

      • But she didn’t actually do anything wrong or break the law, whereas he actually did. Look at where Edison Chen is now, and he didn’t even break the law.

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