Song in the Clouds releases theme song

Leave it to Yu Zheng to market his drama by including the name of the original novel in the lyrics.

Li Yuchun’s theme song for Song in the Clouds has been released.  Starring Angelababy, Lu Yi, Chen Xiao, Du Chun, Yang Rong, and Su Qing, the series follow the plot of the popular Tonghua novel by the same name.   Tonghua’s Desert Melody, now known as Legend of the Moon and Stars in its drama form,  is the  inferior prequel.   Anyways, more stills below the cut.

It doesn’t matter how you take it.  Incense burner marijuana still gives you the munchies…

Yes… because guy-liner was originally a fad among palace eunuchs…

O…M…G!!!!  YU ZHENG!! What the @#$#@# have you done to Chen Xiao?!?

As I’ve told you many times before, Chen Xiao, purple isn’t your color… it’s MINE!!

To ensure you still watch this, at least there’s still Lu Yi to stare at…

Never mind that his character dies at a young age…

Just take this picture and be upset that he’s already married with the cutest kid ever …


20 thoughts on “Song in the Clouds releases theme song

  1. UGH so many criticisms for what I’ve seen so far, and I really love the novel.

    – WTF is up with the themesong? Is this a show about how a guy deals with three different females in the midst of palace schemes?
    – Like what everyone else said, WHERE is Liu Fuling? Meng Jue? The two great loves in YG’s life???!!!
    – Angelababy is very pretty but her looks seem so out of place in a Han Dynasty setting. I’m still not convinced about her portrayal of YG.
    – Speaking of casting, I CANNOT wait to see Yu Zheng’s version of the MOST beautiful man in all of Tong Hua’s universe. What an atrocity in casting.

      • My biggest issue with casting is Angelababy – she’s pretty but doesn’t have the cuteness/innocence of YG.

        As for the males – Lu Yi and Chen Xiao on screen will make up for Du Chun.

        • I agree. I feel like maybe she could’ve worked as LSS’s role, but definitely not Yunge. But I think Su Qing is quite perfect in her role. I also think Chen Xiao and Lu Yi should’ve switched roles…

          • But then Chen Xiao would die early :p.

            I think Lu Yi has the calm/regal sort of face that is suitable for his role.

          • Yu Zheng actually contacted Zheng Shuang for the role, but she turned it down :( When I was reading the book, Zheng Shuang was the first person to come up in my mind for the role since I feel like her personality is super similar, and she looks innocent and sweet enough for the part.

            But yeah, I think Zhao Liying would’ve fit it better than Angelababy.

      • Actually I was thinking of Bao Bei Er as Liu He. That is MAJOR fail in casting. I can blame Tong Hua for seeing that ‘aura’ in Meng Jue *eyeroll* but the guy playing Liu He is just major wtf.

  2. The trailer was basically “Chen Xiao with a bunch of girls. Screw the other two male leads because he’s the prettiest.” Like WHERE’S MY LING GE GE?


    *Well, I probably won’t find out xD Since I don’t think I’ll be able to sit through a drama where Xu Pingjun isn’t Liu Bingyi’s OTP.

    • I read that Yu Zheng has changed the plot so that he’ll make them otp’s again, with an actual recreation of 故剑情深. And given that Chen Xiao is Liu Bingyi, his character will probably be significantly improved. Hey, who knew that Yu Zheng can actually make a story more historically accurate instead of the other way around?

  4. It’s so weird that Meng Jue and Ling Ge Ge aren’t even in the theme song since they are so important in the story. It seems like the drama is going to really deviate from the novel.

      • Yeah, but BBJX was a very plot-strong novel compared to most other Internet novels, including that of Tonghua’s.
        For example, both this and Desert Melody are about the same length as the novel version of Shanshan, Come to eat, which had to create a lot of extra plot to make it a drama.

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