Photoshoot Friday: August 22, 2014

Wu Modi is Disney acid sequence colorful for her new photoshoot, while Ni Ni‘s first photoshoot in this round up is completely black. In the other one, she catches a few waves at the beach – for those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is starting to eck to an end…Meanwhile, Donnie Yen suits up for Bazaar, and Zhang Han slicks back his hair. Hey, we have an even male to female ratio this time…!

01. Wu Modi

02. Donnie Yen for Bazaar

03. Ni Ni for

04. Zhang Han for Sina. More here.
Zhang Han
Zhang Han

5 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: August 22, 2014

    • I don’t mind if that’s all she does :)

      But actually, since the release of Flowers in December 2013, she’s had three more movies released so far, and just finished filming her sixth, so averaging about one film per four months, which is pretty good.

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