“Micro Times” goes back to school with character posters

Micro Times, or more accurately translated as  : Wechat Times

Potential cast for Yang Mi’s adaptation of Gossip Girl?

Welcome to Micro Times, the story of ridiculously rich students with nothing better to do with their lives other than date. Let’s be honest, we’re only watching because the cast of all fairly new actors is amazingly good-looking, and Yang Mi pulled in so many sponsorships (Maserati, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few) that Micro Times might have a bigger budget than Tiny Times.

Although the cast are never in uniform in the show (contrary to Meteor Shower world belief, college students do not wear uniforms), the cast put on school uniforms just to remind us how much idol dramas have improved  in fashion taste and budgets since then. Or maybe it’s just because they look good in uniform.

Individual character posters below the cut.

Hello, Kitty! You might remember Zhang Yunlong as the cute kitty in Ancient Sword, or as the fortune-teller in Paranormal Adonis, but here, he’s the one who signs all his gossip with XOXO.

Dilireba plays the slightly spoiled heiress. She is too cute for words, and I wish she were paired with Gao Weiguang instead in the drama.

Gao Weiguang and Yang Mi are a perfect example of how every heterosexual otp are actually long-lost siblings.

Li Xirui plays the boyish cook who is everybody’s best friend and no one’s true love.

As Yang Mi’s friend from the Beijing Film Academy, Xiao Yuyu is the oldest of the group by a long run. Unfortunately for her, her role is also the most boring.

Zhang Binbin is the least good-looking of the bunch, which is why Yang Mi did not sign him.

Bonus points if you can recognize who Yang Chengcheng plays in Ancient Sword.

7 thoughts on ““Micro Times” goes back to school with character posters

    • Dilireba is Uyghur, so not “mixed” unless you consider her ethnic group all mixed in the sense that they’re at the crossroads of East Asia/Middle East/Asia and so a blend? Gao Weiguang isn’t mixed as far as I know.

  1. I prefer shows with good acting cast. Watched this drama till ep 8, cannot bear it any further. I think “Meteor Shower 1″is by far one of the best idol drama from China. The raise in using young pretty faces is just go mad, There really need to be a better balance,
    Between YangMi and Ruby Lin, I know who I prefer as a producer.

    • I don’t think they’re the same at all….

      I always have added respect for producers who don’t just use themselves. I think that it takes a big heart to use yourself and your connections to promote other people when you yourself are still in the industry. Plus, I really like everyone that Yang Mi signed, and they all have the acting chops to go with it.

      • Acting chops? Must be acting skills, they are trained in good acting schools. Acting schools in UK are very good, it must be increasing similar in China. I think a good balance of new young actors with experienced ones are good.
        I do agree with you about YangMi promoting new young talents.
        Dilireba- new Angelababy maybe? I think Gao Weiguang will go far in this industry. He has very expressive eyes and does not look like a pretty boy. Ruby produces very good drama, the latest drama “The Way we Are” is very promising. I do think she may not be suitable to star in all her dramas. I love to see her moving forward to grooming more new talents. She has chosen more experience male actors in her dramas so far. Judging how much budget she spends on the quality of her dramas and extensive research she puts in, I am not surprised by her choice. She need good leads to sell her dramas well.
        Yang Mi’s approach is different. She get sponsors for her dramas and produces dramas base on good looking cast. That suits her current married lifestyle. Her formula will enable her to spend more time with her family.

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