Character stills released from upcoming drama Qin’s Moon

The first character stills for Qin’s Moon秦时明月 were released on Tuesday, only one day later than the purported Monday showing (StarQ, who gave the series to Tangren to make into a drama, is notoriously slow). Recently, it was revealed that Huanduan (who made Ancient Sword) and Yu Zheng had also approached StarQ for the rights to the series; had the former been successful, the following costumes would resemble the original animated costumes much more, in the case of the latter, the costumes would be much more colorful. Which company would you have preferred to buy the series? (As it is, this kind of reminds me of Schemes of a Beauty married to Desert Melody).

This is not to say that these stills don’t throw shout outs to the original (animated series). The swords for Jiang Jinfu and Lu Yi greatly resemble the originals. Look under the cut for more pictures of Jiang Jinfu, Hu Bingqing, Qin Junjie, Lu Yi, Sun Yizhou, Gina Jin Chen, and Michelle Chen. Supposedly, the main leads each have some 20 different get ups (probably not entire costumes; I wonder if they count switching up hair/accessories different sets. Though, this might be where part of the money they saved from casting newcomers is going~).

4 thoughts on “Character stills released from upcoming drama Qin’s Moon

  1. I’m getting a Desert Melody feel out of this…. which is unfortunately because that’s not my favorite Tangren series in terms of style.

    I think my main issue is the hairstyles for the girls. Michelle Chen’s hair, which is the hairstyle used for Liu Shishi in Desert Melody, make them look weighted-down. Maybe if they had removed some hair from the wig, it would be slight better? Hu Bingqing’s XLN hair makes her entire head look really large and bloated, whereas you can tell she looks much better with hair to the side in the white outfit. Also, Hu Bingqing’s outfits all look like cheap knock-offs.

    Jin Chen looks beautiful, though. She kind of looks like Tang Yan in the first photo.
    And I’m excited for Qin Junjie and Lu Yi >.< (a Tennis Prince Qin Junjie would've be perfect as the lead!)

  2. They don’t look half as bad I had imagined, then again I don’t think I have seen Tangren have really ugly costumes either. I think I’m going to go have to watch the animation soon, this one actually seems not too bad.

  3. My first reaction to Michelle Chen’s costume: what the duck is she wearing
    But it looks better now! Though I’m not sure if it’s because I’m subconsciously forcing myself to like it because I liked the original character…but then on third look, it’s getting cute…
    Qin Junjie is so adorable! And Jiang Jinfu’s rags look..pretty legit, especially in comparison to some of the more colorful ones from other productions :P

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