The Making of a Beauty features white-haired Yang Rong, will air in September

Yang Rong is incredulous that some dramas (ie, Desert Melody) get held back for years, and Making of a Beauty is broadcasting within a month.

Now that Fan Bingbing’s White Haired Witch (of Lunar Kingdom) has been broadcasted, Yang Rong can take a shot at the title. Featuring Jin Shijia, Dilireba, Kenny Kwan, Kristy Yang, Li Xin’ai, Luo Jin, Sheren Tang, Su Qing, Wang Li’ke, Yuan Shanshan, and Zhang Tian’ai, Yu Zheng’s upcoming production The Making of a Beauty continues to release stills.

Laure Shang Wenjie performs the theme song (listen to it on Youtube here) for the drama, “Waiting for Waist-long Hair 待我长发及腰 (wait for my hair to grow to my waist).” (Zhang Jie is supposed to sing another, Listen 听).

Incredibly, this drama (which began filming this July), will be broadcast on Hunan TV every Sunday…beginning September 7th!? in Paranormal Adonis’ time slot (source). More stills below the cut. 

4 thoughts on “The Making of a Beauty features white-haired Yang Rong, will air in September

  1. Yang Rong is adorable! Also excited for Dilireba, Su Qing, Zhang Zhehan, and Luo Jin.

    Did you see that Yu Zheng’s doing his first modern series (unless you count the internet spinoff of Gong?) starring Dilireba and Merat? They would make an adorable pair.

    Laure Shang’s voice is gorgeous in that song. If only I didn’t understand Chinese so I can ignore how bad the lyrics are …

  2. Yang Rong looks adorable in these stills😀 and the ost is actually quite pretty, dammit there’s always something to lure me in with YZ’s dramas😑

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